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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

big girls are made for breeding 🐮

"Sexy girl you know I don't play, make you fall in love, one touch and you'll be saved"

from JYP girls dance team to now, there still is nobody doing it like them

C-Group girls are tall TALL. also, not everyone might know but Su Ruiqi is the maknae/youngest here 🥺

Explaining to your boy that we’re in a bar full of girls and his toxic ex aint coming back

This 13-year old girl was a volunteer in Pfizer trial. Comcast won’t run these ads. Pass it on.

the girls will see ‘aespa vs aespa’ in person✨😀

trust me all the pretty girls go to morgan #154🐻

[INFO] 211024 Japanese & Chinese members family spotted arrived in Korea yesterday ! After all those months the girls finally having fun with their Family!

Wtf is with indian guys asking indian girls to wear pottu? Love it so much means y’all wear lah 😑

walking forward, backwards and turning around just to say hi to her fans. best girl indeed 🥺 JENNIE TO THE US

Have a safe flight baby girl ❤️

dune????? girl that’s a bootyhole

yes mom i'm in love with 4 girls who don't know about my existence

[PHOTO] 211024 — Photos posted by Girls Planet 999 trainees with KEP1ER members!

I've loved many boys, I've loved many girls I don't think about the past, it's always there anyway

girls planet 999 stages ✿

girls on black blazer >>>

We keep this love in a photograph 🍃 always wonder why he always love filming our girl. ✨DonKiss Family✨ |

The Feels by TWICE (2021) and references to classic american chick flicks The letter slid under the door to Elle in Legally Blonde, dir. Robert Luketic (2001) / Cady splitting her Spring Fling queen crown in pieces and sharing it in Mean Girls, dir. Mark Waters (2004)

[241021 wenzhe ig update] (1/3) all of the planet masters, girls, and staff members, you've worked hard. everyone please be happy~~~ why can i only post 10 photos here 🤨 i still have a lot of people that ive yet to take photos with, we must meet again in the future 🥰