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Jessica William

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JS💭: "Nyam" "I took it from a different angle because I wasn't good at taking pictures of food"

Foods I’ve cooked and came out dam good

Bacon egg & cheese with hash browns on a French toast bagel. Talk to me.

Beef stew ne thanga ,creamed spinach ,beetroot ne rice 😋


Txt busy picking the foods for their dinner Beomgyu:

everyone’s busy discussing about the foods they want to buy then there’s beomgyu

tw// food 211018 🐹💭 UPDATE 🐹 [gasung]: [attached] 🐹 [gasung]: yum 🐹 [gasung]: (i thought) i didn't take a good food picture (at first) so i took (it again) from a different angle

Hot food always the best😋

🐻💭 “everyone go and eat delicious food~~!” “seungwanie gives me strength ❤️❤️” “you’ve already eaten? well doneee~~!!”

haechan vs sour food 😭

the only food bucket ever

tomato egg stir fry is something jun often makes and food is his love language so really vernon knows EXACTLY what to say

just realized hyewon and yena had the same food truck, taking this as 99z crumbs

Fake products our communities in Townships/Rural areas consume from 'Foreign owned' spaza shops. No enforcement of Food Safety in SA.

OMG one of the actors post this! chanwoo with food truck. babie why didn’t he upload it yet 😭

We got an Actor Chanwoo update with another food truck!!! 🚛✨

The idea that the child tax credit should have a work requirement -- that children's food & shelter should be contingent on Joe Manchin's judgment of their parents' choices -- is so facially repugnant to me that I hate sharing a species with the people who support it.


EB: Yuri ssi, when is the time you miss Eunbi the most? YR: I miss unnie the most at the salon, especially when ordering food because unnie always ask me what to eat. There's nobody to ask me that anymore so that's the time I miss unnie the most.

What would you like to order? Food, drinks,.... or me? .

I lowkey want these. My fat ass wanna watch the food cook.