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Jessica William

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Look: 🔸Supermarkets in a German state can BAN you from buying food based on medical status 🔸People in Italy without covid passport are BANNED from going to work 🔸Canada is BANNING people from flying based on medical status 1 year ago these were called conspiracy theories.

Guess this food item :) Umar Riaz Ruling Hearts

Have an amazing weekend 🥰

"What we want to achieve is really tangible in terms of the number of meals saved and the amount of carbon emissions avoided." This startup founder's AI-powered garbage cans are helping to reduce food waste—and improve bottom lines

Footage shows Subway worker WALKING in food, putting cold cuts on the toilet RIM and drinking out of soft drink bottles before putting them back on a counter

Today is World Food Day. Share and appreciate a nice meal with your loved ones. 😊

The large mining, oil, forestry, real estate, agribusiness companies to stop destroying nature, to stop polluting, to stop intoxicating people and food.

The big food corporations to stop imposing monopolistic production and distribution structures that inflate prices and end up withholding bread from the hungry.

How can we survive three more years? It is out of control 8 months in. What’s next food lines, no gas, no utilities?

The Chef, The Food

Sungjae is getting excited over food just so adorable.😆

Sugar is found in 74% of ALL packaged foods. Yet, they tell us meat is the problem. I have questions. 🤔

If you have hedges, please don’t cut them in autumn if you can possibly avoid it. The nuts and berries are on the outside, and cutting them all away at this time of year deprives birds and wildlife of vital food in the winter months. Fat, unkempt hedges are paradise for birds!

7 plant foods to elevate athletic performance 🏃🏿‍♂️ Thread 🧵

Sorry I haven’t posted a food pic in a few hours, I was on leave. My neighbor’s brother’s uncle’s sister had a baby so I’m taking some time off.

The people The culture The diversity The food Man, we've missed you, Toronto.

Unvaccinated don't deserve treatment. Nor do smokers. Nor do obese. Nor do alcoholists. Nor do junk food eaters. Nor do... ... Actually, nobody deserves treatment. If you need treatment, it's probably your fault anyway.

How to get all the food to yourself 😂

Me = always need foods to be on my table while doing my work

their eyebrows talk when the food is delicious 😠

willem got us food, mediterranean quiche with goat cheese

The expanded has cut child hunger tremendously for Georgia families. As we recognize , there is a clear solution to ensuring every family can put food on the table: Congress must extend this tax cut for working families & make it permanent.

Bernie Sanders: *sends food to striking workers* Joe Manchin: 52 other Senators have grave concerns with this approach