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Jessica William

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sunwoo is just beyond amazing

this part when kim taehyung got emotional after performing “blue & grey” 😭 you did amazing tae, we love you sm. KING V ON STAGE

Thank you BTS, it was an amazing show 💜

🙌🏼 Respect ☺️ Congratulations, ! 👏🏼🏆 It’s been an amazing season and we are glad that we were able to bring on the fight to you! We will try again next year 😏👊🏼 |

”Seeing and experiencing all of the amazing national parks that our nation has to offer should not be limited to those who are neurotypical"

An amazing moment as is surprised with the 2021 Ambassador of the Year award. Thank you for everything you do, Rich.

bang chan played adele's "easy on me" and said that he listens to this song a lot! he said adele's amazing singing abilities and the mood of the song are super good

MOMO’S HAIR? IT LOOKS AMAZING + her walking into those white balloons and trying to get rid of them JSJSJSJ

The End Concert Thank you so much Bts for giving us amazing Concert

vernon was in the A group during their trainee days. i smiled so hard vernon u’re really amazing

18.5m views & 950k likes!!!!!!! 500k till 19m & 50k likes till 1m!!! carats, you are doing amazing 🖤❤

the journey to loving yourself isn't easy but you will become so happy when you love yourself the way you want someone else to. recognizing your value is incredible: start practicing self worth now. it may not happen overnight, but it will happen someday and it will feel amazing.

genius minho who got accepted into uni with his dance ability. independent minho who used to part-time working in a bbq restaurant to earn money. talented minho who amange to be a professional dancer in his young age even before his debut. he's always been an amazing person 🥺🤍

no taehyung, you did great. you were amazing baby

MC Minju made every Saturdays a wonderful beautiful journey. Each episode is like a dream. By the end of it only peace and happiness remains. Happy 500th day amazing ANGEL!!

Had a great time what an amazing atmosphere… 🍀🍀

The human body is so amazing…it can turn a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into irrational anxieties. Wow.

❤️Our cutie puppy❤️lovely kid❤️❤️Congratulations on amazing Yujinie’s comeback❤️ Our baby angel king god general amazing girl etcetc

I LOVE YOU my forever seven💜 thank you for another amazing fun day:)👐🥺💜 BTS is 7 BORAHAE💜 🎉

You are the best gift that we have ever received! 💘🎀 BEST GIFT SEOKJIN THANK YOU JIN YOU DID AMAZING JIN