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Jessica William

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Mina and Jihyo giving the staffs the food they made 😌

the way mina was so smiley everytime she gives the staffs food makes my heart so warm. i love her so much

last ep jihyo said she is upset because Boo only comes to her for food, but now Boo came over while jihyo is sleeping bcs she is alone😭 im soft

It’s Friday, food is ready at 10:30 and deliveries start shortly after. Please call 0552537464 to place orders or click the link in our bio to order via WhatsApp.

Oswald when the kids start asking where all the food is coming from

What makes us happy? Is it the place we live, the food we eat, the love we share or the simplicity of just being alive and at peace with our own conscience? I respect and protect all forms of life, and that's what brings me peace. [I'd also live in a coconut if I could].

They have to buy food that should be dohyon-approved with only 30,000 won. Geon said since dohyon likes tiktok, he might also like if they will buy the famous tiktok jelly. The owner asked how old is he (dohyon) and they said “he’s in hs but a baby” “a baby highschooler” 😂

Vampire Kaeya wants to feed on Diluc but poor baby is anemic. — dumb vampire falls in love with food and learns how to cook

Hello~ Call me Mushii ~^O^~ I love eating spicy foods 🤤 I also love sweet things!! Especially ice cream 🤩 I'm an introvert and a shy person so I will have trouble talking to people that I just met T_T

3 sperm-killing foods men should avoid

no but the way he looks so smug 😭 the best thing about lilia is that he isn’t aware his food is Bad and he’s proudly gonna feed everyone this black matter he calls food

Hyyy-- Making food is my passion join me with the recipe of coffee. All thanks to For making the vdo I'm really hpy with her work. Name your favourite food in the comment below......=!

Jihyo said boo only come to her for food but look at him now😭

I had a lot of lovers but it didn't last I like hot food. Poo785nn But I have to exercise 📌📌 کْوٌدٍ خِصٕمَ اّوَنُاّسُ : MZ81

Friend: tara drive?!! Me: cant, i have work. Not feeling well Friend: libre kita foods. Me:

He love Food!!! And We love Him!!!! CITY OF DREAMS 2 OUT NOW

From this day forward I self identify as a trans vegan. I will only eat plant based food and medium rare sirloin steaks. And chicken, pork scratchings and salami.

According to humanitarian aids workers , some refugees camps in , Rakhine state , have been flooded and people are having difficulty to find food and shelter . Before , they were supplied with rice by and .

The headmaster after getting his share of the food at the our day

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