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Jessica William

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Your smile is literally the cutest thing ... The freshly devoured peppermint she 🏷️🛒 كٕوٕدٕ $خٕصٕمٕ$ سيفي نمشي <AC687>: :<FF39> 🏷️🛒

Thank you for everything u do and did Idc if it is just a reply to my tweet or a like. You made me smile. I truly and sincerely love you OK I CANT BE TOO FORMAL I LOVE YOU SWEETHEARTS I can only show my love aggressively THATS TRUE LOVE FOR ME OKAY

The smile on their face❤❤ Excited, Excited 💃 DEVIR GLORIOUS TRIUMPHS

i like to see eiji smile looking at ash

try to look at this and not smile (you can’t)

You can guess from that smile How can you create fear in presence of this huge courage and determination

Literally this 7 smile changed my world ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Even my universe🌏

but I already pictured Heeseung's precious smile on my mind knowing we won this birthday ad for him. please are you not thinking the same way

I don't think that I am the only one who got goosebumps over here. Jungkook's voice is just so warm and I don't know how to say it but it made me smile!✨

Here She Comes in !! Making Us And you Smile too !!


Smile..we live thanks to God and not thanks to others.Don't look at the smallness of the sin, but look at the greatness of the one you diso 🧿 كٕوٕدٕ $خٕصٕمٕ$ HH سِـتٌـأّيِّلَيِّ فُـوٌغُأّ کْلَوٌسِـيِّتٌ HH GGS 🧿

…… smile at it and it smiles back at you 😁

the smile and eye movement as hyungwon listens to changkyun trying to talk like 6 years old since monbebes are now 6 years old 🥺😭

the way jaehwan has a smile plastered on his face while he was singing each words that is very meaningful ;-; 💙 he even left out the WIN:D's part for us to sing along hing sweetest boy 😭

hobi's smile growing by the minute

you are in love with this man's smile

thank you for existing and made me smile, cinta. your existence warms my soul. <3