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Jessica William

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Shrimp and Avocado - it’s power food.

Can I post one more time? 😅 I baked my own buns for tonight’s supper. Pan fried chicken burgers, made my own aoli w/ yolk and whole grain mustard, some sautéed veg and some pineapple to offset the spicy chicken 🥰.

The Chef 🥰 The Meal

Just like I thought. All that bullshit & still no seasoning on the meat lol

'I eat McDonald's once a week': Adele reveals she still loves junk food despite her 100lbs weight loss

reminder that you've been craving food for only a minute but you've been craving skinny forever. one week apart. get it together edtwt.

Ordering at a Soul Food restaurant down South be like :😂😂

[TRANS] Written Messages by TWICE (1/2) from Subtitles "You are what I live for" "You're the coolest" "The light of our lives, ONCE" "You're so beautiful and handsome. You're the coolest, let's always be happy together" "Hope you eat great food!"

A waste of food.

Your daily Yamato food 💚~

this article about people gentrifying the desert and then complaining that it's dry and there aren't any whole foods is going to drive me insane

Kara used to go straight for the food but... her appetite has changed 😏 SUPERGIRL IS GAY

ya foods gon get cold if you keep lookin at my plate.

Prompt 8: Weapon Optional Challenge: Make it from food Well balanced diet - is all you need for a good battle! 🍗🍍

Food Truck for ❤️ and team. -Boiled Rice with Spiced Pork -Seafood Boiled Rice -Cake Art -Cookies -Macarons cartoon Many thanks for always help me😘

On one side of the food court wall vaccinated and unvaccinated can order their meal together. But on the other side of the guarded area, only those “fully” jabbed can sit down and eat it. Now this and other vax mandate issues will be charter challenged by ⁦

Our Hand Is Dirty To Provide You Clean Food..!!

me: i hope the food isn't raw the food:

Allah becomes happy with Satbhakti, not by abstaining from food and torturing this priceless body of Allah. Baakhabar Sant Rampal Ji Last Prophet Sant Rampal Ji

Dark humour is like food. Not everyone gets it.

My Uncle George passed away over the weekend. He was a great man, and was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2001 and given only 6 months to live. He claimed that his longevity came from eating fast food. RIP uncle ❤️

Possible projects with ❗ /Simplus - Brand Ambassador (100% sure) /Maymyra - Collagen (they follow Win, current presenter is P Bow and she follow Win too) /Hercules Dog Food (Nekko hints yesterday, may be Ben,Cart and Char will related)