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Seungkwan IG On the ipad: Major entertainer ❤ Seungkwan-ah, you're amazing ❤ Seungkwan you did well for the whole day You must be tired rightㅠㅠ Carats are very proud of you❤ You ate a lot of delicious foods Kwanranghae~❤ On the note: Amazing Saturday staffs Kwanranghae❤

which would you try? 🫐🍌

Tasty meals of South Korea - a delicious thread 😋 (Cuz I am craving)

Banana Pudding Cheesecake Bars Smash or Pass?

those eyes he give when he's offering foods to the staffs

felix’s travel in japan schedule, 1am-8am: sleep in good & comfy bed in japan 8-11 : wanna eat good japanese breakfast 11-3pm : SHOPPING 3-6pm :go around tokyo & look around japan’s only city & food 6-9 : go to japanese rest & eat for 3 hrs at my own pace

you know the food is good when jungkook starts to look angry

I will not live in a society in which servers wear masks – clearly servant/serf symbol – while I sit and breathe in comfort as they deliver food and drink to me. That is not democracy. That is not equality. That is not freedom. That symbol horrifies every ideal I've ever held.

nobody: white women on food network: look at that beefy, cheesy goodness

Thanku Farmers.... You Not Only Give Food But Also Life Provider

Been's stylist supporting WMVL. Been bought her food because she was ill. So sweet 😭

1. Everyone getting served food at the party 2. Me watching how everyone eats cause Food finished when it’s my turn

[TAT x Mew] They are talking about Hua Hin and Krabi ☀️: If I have time I want to go to Hua Hin. I always go to Hua Him before because its near Bangkok and the entertainment activities and food are great.

Food is important 😭😂

It has been a constant effort to make a food secure state and ensure sufficient food for the needy. On this let’s pledge to reduce food wastage and ensure that sufficient, nutritious and safe foods is available to everyone for a healthy & productive Odisha.

[🎥🎥 TMI ] 🐮: I just want to eat something, I haven’t had anything yet . Food always comes first 😹❤️

Without farmers we will have no food. Save Indian farmers.

. Farmers provides food to every person . so that no one hungry with for food.

The way we produce, consume & waste food is taking a heavy toll on our planet. The power to change is in our hands. This is the moment to improve our relationship with food & make healthier choices — for ourselves, and our planet.

Back home and almost done eating then mom calls from her room; Mom: David, the food in that plate is for you and your brother oo Me:

FOOD SUPPORT " BAKER BOYS " 16 OCTOBER 2021 We Are Always Support You Phi Singto ❤❤

Its time to thank the food givers- the farmers of our nation who spend days n nights just to feed us Its time to realize their efforts n regard them