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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Jungwoo's precious smile ++ that close up 😭😭

🦊: us smiling is so pretty. we aren’t twins but it has that brotherly-smile to it 🐻: right! 🐰: you guys look like twins!! 🦊🐻: please. don’t ever say that kind of thing. 💢

MC : Your smile is attractive~ WY : Thank you MC : Your eye-smile is attractive as well WY : *wink MC : Oh my goodness

Johnny: First of all, all the members are amazing but im the most amazing, i'm the most amazing if you become johfam, you see your smiling, we'll always smile so happy

Doyoung's smile 🤍🐰

Bringing an upgrade to FP2... it's Seb's smile. 😊

Nine, your smile is my favorite thing. Nothing lights me up inside like seeing you smile. GaoQingChen No5

the way he’s trying not to smile at jongho’s ending fairy pls😭

Life is too short to argue & fight. Count your blessings, value your love ones & move on with your head held high & with smile for everyone.

Chris Pratt mario sounds funny and all but it really sucks to be the definitive voice of a character for 25+ years and have such a huge opportunity taken away from you because of celebrity casting. I think Chris will do a neat job but they should've let Charles Martinet voice him

She always wear this smile and that's the one reason why I love her!! 10Q ANGELINE CONCERT

every night, i fly to you, even forgetting that this is a dream, i meet you with a smile on my face, never ending forever baby

I wanna see this smile again with great splendor victory✌🎉🥳

Nine never fails to put a smile on my face even on my bad bad days. And he will tell the negativities to go away like this: GaoQingChen No5

Nine, you never fail in putting a smile on my face. GaoQingChen No5

literally the prettiest smile ever existed

They are the most cutest Piess here😭😭❤️✨ Seeing them just brings a smile on my face 😌❤️