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Ok ….Food

💛: whoa… won’t the food taste like bug spray? 🐿: we have decided to leave the scene of the incident as it is until the protocol team comes in tomorrow

NEW COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt donate to food banks instead of churches. The Lord has spoken!

Getting to that cooler season~, looks like its time for more of my favorite type of food; Vietnamese noodles~ 😤🍜

NYC anti-vaxxers storm food court in protest of indoor mandate

*Some people* I need petrol more than everyone else I need food more than everyone else I need toilet paper more than everyone else *NHS staff* I need to care for that stranger even if they couldn’t care less about me

Fuel shortages Food shortages increasing Gas & Electricity prices. According to the Govt, it’s the fault of the industries, the hauliers, the media & YOU Good leaders take responsibility Bad leaders blame everybody else

Bread from Whole foods more like HOLE FOODS

Michael Hitchcock - I love food, taking off my shirt and my bestie Scully - ex-husband to many people - i like chicken

On the path of Arbaeen, everything is given to a person, no one cares about food, sleeping place, etc. In this path, it is important to reach a perfect human being and become like him. An issue that we forget in the course of our lives.

7 Stoic DON’Ts: 1. Don’t be overheard complaining...even to yourself 2. Don’t talk more than you listen 3. Don’t tie your identity to things you own 4. Don’t compare yourself to others 5. Don’t suffer imagined troubles 6. Don't judge others 7. Don’t overindulge in food or drink

If music be the food of love, play on I love you and that's the beginning and end of everything AC666 /🎗️؟؟؟كَٕؤدٓ AC666 خَٕٔصَمُ+_ نَٕٓمٓشَٓيٌ !!؟ /؟؟؟

🪡 bonus .2 ꒰ა carnelian ໒꒱ suppresses hunger and removes your cravings for certain foods ꒰ა citrine ໒꒱ improves the digestive process and eliminates anything in your body that you no longer need

this scene is so heartwarming 🥺 everyone comes and gives dusik foods and snacks for memorial service, he's not alone. he has a big family. hong dusik is loved by many 🥺🤍

Arbaeen Gathering is the largest human community in the world.millions of people from all over the world gather in Karbala to show their love for Imam .in this gathering water, food and Water,food and resting place are completely free!

This is not a fictional story! At Arbaeen, you can see all religious groups from different racial and ethnic backgrounds giving free food and drinks to each other. Some want to invite some others to their houses.

Yuzi Chahal was brilliant this evening. May have given the men who matter some food for thought.

Team 7 this is the student union which houses different food places like Chik-Fil-A and Panda Express

make sure you’re serving yourself enough healthy foods, water and encouraging, self-loving thoughts.

Its Only in Arbaeen trekking Where a Person is begging for others to collect his Food item Just for Imam Hussain

👤: gasp… then wouldn’t the food taste like the bug spray? 🐿: before the protocol team reached the scene, i decided that i would leave it that way weverse comment