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Jessica William

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18 September 1932 | A French Jewish girl, Rosa Farber, was born in Paris. On her 10th birthday she was deported from to . She was murdered in a gas chamber after the selection.

If one good thing can come out of this awful story, it’s a lesson on narcissist abuse, gaslighting, and reactive abuse. Gabby was always the victim. Police need better training when it comes to domestic violence. Educate and empower yourselves, ladies.

This is shameful and not at all new. In the past, the Taliban imposed a “temporary” ban on girls’ education that lasted five years. They are testing our resolve. We demand that leaders stand up for Afghan girls’ right to go to school.

that year where naomi had 2 back to back matches with sasha and bayley and was in a mania match with bayley and sasha????

My roommate likes this girl that goes to our school but they just found out they are 3rd cousin

"to all jennie fans" "thank you jensetters" yup that's right jennie girls keeps winning

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.'s 'Pretty Savage' has surpassed their own 'Forever Young' and it's now the 17th most streamed song by a K-Pop girl group on Spotify (12th in their discography).

harry performing while the girls fight in pit :

voting is officially closed! thank you to everyone who voted, let’s all pray that it’s enough for our girl to move on to the next mission.

me n kehlani once i become an rnb girl

now im not saying the quality of the women’s division was better when sasha and bayley were active but …

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That's all the time they have for the girls after giving them nothing last week????

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whenever someone recognizes me in the street now and calls out alex I know they are a big tee small girl family member

Hatsune Miku: Ribbon Girl