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Jessica William

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But more important than the food I put into my bod1 "I sat at my desk, poured myself a glass of wine, and po 👑👑 كۣۗـۙوۣدُ خۣۗـۙصۣۗـۙمۣۗـۙ نمشي KC50 KC50 👑👑

Having some comically giant sized sushi made by an insane person. Hard to get perspective from the pics but each roll piece is the size of a baseball. The nigiri is 6 inches long

Craving Chicken Nuggets 🥺💙

Shoutout to Mexican people. Y’all snapped when y’all created food

*sticker* “enjoy your food

eunji wants to drink with taeyeon, nucksal and moon seyoon because shes curious how is to be with them and what food they’ll eat🥰

, please shout out dino’s 🦖 favorite food!

It's worth remembering that every single Republican in the Senate is worse than Joe Manchin; a society where billionaires can go to space and veterans can go to food pantries is acceptable to them.

when the food kept falling and seokjin kept laughing while thanking the staff 🥺🥺🥺 he's so precious

if you haven’t already yall go check out my dad’s food truck, you wont be disappointed! support local, support a man who turned nothing into something 🇲🇽💫 IG: cjs_tacos 5804 burleson road, Austin, TX 78744

Q. Which member of Doremi do you want to have a drink? Eunji said that she wanted to drink with Taeyeon sunbaenim, Nucksal sunbaenim, and Moon Seyoon sunbaenim because she is curious of what kind of food they are going to eat.

Stock on food and supplies. Keep your gas tank filled at all times. Your life may depend on it

HAHAHA joochan was saying that since he exercises bfore eating he asks us what he should eat for lunch so ness are suggesting foods in the comments and joochan would say “that’s nice!” to everything 🎳 you’re just really hungry right now arent you? 🦊 that’s right

Libra: aux cord? Driver: here Libra: Beethoven, Lana Del Rey, something they shazam’d at a mall food court

On fall nights at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge in Kansas, a glance to the sky will yield shadowy shapes flying past the light of the moon. Thousands of sandhill cranes use this unique and rare inland salt marsh for food, cover, and a place to rest. Pic by Matthew Gerlach

Getting in the Halloween Spirit Pumpkins provide a unique kind of enrichment activity for primates. By carving them out slightly, Gibbons can rummage around for food and play with the Pumpkin, like Sooty here.

Ethiopian govt must address the humanitarian crisis in Tigray region. Current blockade has resulted in hardship & death. Aid is not getting through. More than 5m people lack food. Almost half a million face ‘catastrophic hunger’. Famine must be averted. Western countries must act

Yeah Kieu My definitely lost the „no food in bed“ war

Those who have transported clothes, all things of life, food from place to place in the tribal areas for 50+ years, have given only dates to the saints who serve such service and gave bail to the scammer of 950 crores. Is Law Equal To All ❓

Trying to let my food digest but I want every meal