Jessica William

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PHP Developer


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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

4th-Anniversary Tour: Malaysia "The Petronas Twin Towers are over there!" "Bronya should try my nasi lemak too!" Kudos to Captain for the amazing fanwork!

Your English is amazing!!!! I'm not a native speaker either, but I think your English is awesome❤ Yessss Kaito's low voice in Kiss & Cry is so nice and relaxing🥺

and this is when through the magic of the internet i met phil ♡ happy 12 years


Yep! Amazing isn’t it? Pretty Obvious!

Crazy 1v4 Ace by Omen 🤯 (Team's reaction is amazing 😂) 📷 ctrin

i found a video on yt that combined the highlight medley snippet of rock with you with the teaser from amazing saturday and guys…it really sounds SO good 😭

I can't get over the fact Shuhua had this dumb ass idea and Soojin was like "amazing! let's film it"

It would be amazing if there's someone will make a twibbon for this and onces will use it as their pfp on the anniversary day 🥺

This variety of Orchids is amazing looks like baby monkeys.🐵🐵😍😜

Large feraligatrs are amazing <3

Vivaaaa Las Vegas! So much fun on stage with my ❤️ at and thank you to his amazing band for rocking my songs with me . 📸

Lauren Ridloff looking amazing at the world premiere

jinmin harmonizing … they’re amazing

📲|| Harry on stage looking amazing! via owner

I have a new $500 match now for MU which is crazy amazing!

(first photo) 💎: why are u not sleepinggg 🍒: righttt i'm feeling uneasy (second photo) 💎: why are u feeling uneasyㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ after picking these amazing songs 🍒: bcs the comeback is happening this week..? 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

this is from a month ago but anyways — first —— rts are amazing :D

Hide your American Horror Story vampire pills, I’m officially a writer now! Can’t believe I get to work with all these amazing people on this very special project

It’s still AMAZING to me that we were born almost at the same time!

🚨 PLEASE RT 🚨 A fire today, took almost everything from two amazing people. & Please DONATE & help them in any way you can!

Amazing Beautiful view of Amelfi 💚 ITALY