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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

han said the lyrics for youngk’s <guard you> is what he wants to say most to STAY: “so you won’t get any scars i’ll hold you, even when i’m hurt i’ll guard you. no need to worry i’m here for you, look at my smile it’s my all for you”

no txt this isn’t you look at me txt no this isn’t you

losing my mind this is such a boyfriend look

Ellie and Joel are back in this first look at HBO's The Last of Us:

sir i need this look for a selca

Wait but their faces are so clear here. Hahaha, look you can actually see eunhyuk’s handsome jawline. And, and and my bebi leeteuk 🥺 neomu handsome


Momo IG story with Bouboo~ look at that spiderman behind them lol their captain truly loves spiderman 😂

look who joined Junkyu’s flower party but in a subtle way 🤫

Lia: ryujin i love you! Ryujin: i love you too Lia: hurry up and look at me! these two😭💕

this whole glasses + beanie + hoodie look on huening kai …..

Look at my cute kangaroo she barks

☀️Good morning everyone ☀️ Don't expect the future to look like the past. Clear away expectations, and let yourself picture a wild, grand new world.☀️😘Martha Beck😘

When you sold your and take a look at the floor today 🪶💎

BLACKPINK X Tokopedia! They look so beautiful and stunning like always. 😍💗

look at the gap and the benefits we can win this teumes please vote treasure in wekpop

jungkook really embodies the famous quote "in a room full of art, i'd still look at you" with jimin 😭

"what is your reaction when you hear a rumour of someone seeing a ghost at the company" 1. go look for the ghost 2. avoid it completely

Dahyun said she watched The Feels MV a lot, and all the members look very pretty! Today's shoot was her and Sana!