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Jessica William

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that same eye smile ni-ki gives to engenes ㅠㅠ

All smiles for this preseason as kick-off to the regular season is just around the corner. The Garnet host Arcadia at 7:30pm on September 1st!

Heard it's World Smile Day... 😁

All smiles for this past weekend as they dominated their first tournament of the year and broke a couple school records along the way! 😀😃🏌️‍♀️⛳️

101821 HEESEUNG I sang Heeseung happy birthday 😭😭 HIS SMILE LOOK AT HIS SMILE 😭😭

SCREAMING joshua is insane for doing that with his pretty smile

People who make u smile everyday are so important :)

million dollar smile 😍

and his pretty smile 🥺

All smiles, ready to go.🏟 – at Johan Cruijf Arena

Smiles all around 😃 week ⚽️

7 billion smiles and yours is my favorite. 😭💕

crying over sunflower yoongi and taehyung’s eye smile and vante fit

i'm addicted to: jimin breaking into smile when he faces yoongi during this part in ptd

when they said smiles can be so healing they were actually talking about Xiao Zhan ♥️

jay sneezed while talking to this engene, his cute smile after he sneezed naur im fine

chaeryeong smiles like this when she's with lia :(

mingyu looking at wonwoo’s direction and trying to keep a straight face and not smile 🥺🥺 how is he the cutest!!!

Jay's smile and eyebrows af. ++ Ni-ki's smile.

their happy smiles 🥺