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Jessica William

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John Doe

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she’s got such a pretty smile

" His Smile, His Energy, His Innocence ❤ Day By Day It's Getting Really Hard To Forget Him...! " SSR As Manny Won World

🦊 Everyone, I hope you smile a lot and you get to live a happy and healthy life. It is such an honor for me to be able to end the day happily together with you. Have a good night~ ❤❤❤

They give me so many reasons to smile ❤️ they make me so happy and I love them so much for that.

South Africa’s men’s football captain at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics‚ Tercious Malepe‚ says they want to do well to put smiles on the faces of their countrymen following recent looting in some major cities in the country.

Some pure things are just felt. Her smile😌❤️

who has the most precious smile and why is it jungkook

Every time I cry every time I smile Can you look at me 'cause I'm blue and grey? Whenever I listen to this song, I get goosebumps, this song is very special for me.💜💫

Q: Can you smile 1500? U: What is it? *smile* I'll give you guys everything, Anything that you ask me to do. 😆😙

I MISS YOU TOO!🥺 I LOVE YOU TOO!♥️ JIMIN-AHH!🐣 Your eye smile 💕

: i feel okay when i see you smile

His smile could literally replace the sun

They're singing on a book omg & then on a box!! THE VISUALS!! Song: เวลาเธอยิ้ม (when you smile)

"do you have it? a boyfriend or someone you like." "i don't have it now." THE BRIGHT SMILE DOHYUK HAD WHEN NABI SAID THAT

jungkook's big smile and lil giggle 😭😭

Jab bhi sad ho in dono ki Iv dekho sach main inko dekh ke face pe smile aa jati hai ❤ We love you Devir ❤❤ Thanks for all the Iv you gave you guys are tried phir bhi fans ke liye itna karne ke liye ❤❤ SEE YOU SOON SAAKK

I really miss your smile

Those genuine smiles. I’m crying

& in her smile, I see something more beautiful than the stars

seeing jungkook's smile is everything.

Dear our , it's good seeing your smile, but one day, when you feel the day is not beautiful enough for you to smile, it's also ok cause with or without the smiles, you've always got us happy 3 months since you became INTO1-高卿尘