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Jessica William

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Food firms and supermarkets are warning a shortage of carbon dioxide caused by a rise in gas prices is threatening UK supplies of meat and fresh produce

Got some good food!

Stories like this clarify how outrageous it is that we mass criminalize crimes of poverty—not being to afford public transport, sleeping where you aren’t supposed to, stealing food to survive, driving on license suspended by inability to pay fees, substance use.


would walk 10 miles over broken glass barefoot to have a 25% chance of taking the actress who plays ruby from sex education out for food

Pen food, yucky 🤢

Geographical indications on traditional food products recognizes 👇🔸Quality 🔸History 🔸Local features They also preserve local know-how & secure an income for farmers. How cheese producers are using GIs in Georgia 👇

Eat these foods when your breath is in need of a refresh.

☆ halloween party and food ! ☆ ☆ an (edtwt) poll ☆ ♡+↻ <3

Obsessed with this 1970 Betty Crocker cookbook called "Foods Men Like"

atinys booked and busy 😌🔥 - mwave & whosafn voting till 9am kst - after head over to youtube and spotify, we gotta continue streaming!! - take a small break and treat yourself with you fav food you've worked hard <3

you’re reading this because one day I’m going to pay your RENT, BILLS, FOOD for a month and give you $1000 to put in your account.

Children do not need to see faces to thrive. They do not require touch. All they need are water, food, and nutrients from the soil, and occasional glimpses of sunshine. All of that can be achieved without human contact.

I made Shepard's pie. One of my favorite comfort foods.

Drik Day Exhibition: Scorched Lives at Hashem Foods

Don’t tell me how to cook my goddamn food can u please leave the kitchen and let me exist

This all vehicles are conveyed food for tigray region not for affar or amara but instil now they don't backwards so the security of this vehicles area under question

AYO MINGHAO 🗣 the foods on fire ‼️

‧₊˚ aesthetic foods ★   ﹗ `.• - °.• ㅤ𓏲 🥀 ˑ ִ another edtwt poll ʚ°ɞ (neverending thread) ♡+↻ appreciated !¡