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these british food names are insane 😭

Eat or pass? (📷: forkmeetsfood on IG)

What's your favorite 🥺

Aww yay it's with a delicious Friday double-shot of convos about food, family and culture. First, on GASTRO OBSCURA, followed by a goodie from the archive, on CRYING IN H MART:

When your food finally arrives at the restaurant 😂

you know guilty gear is so iconic - I just got to london today and on god, UK food tastes exactly as lame as Axl mains play

absurdly small kittens next to normal sized food

A government of a country that has over 2000 food banks has used a £2.6 million taxpayer funded briefing room to watch a James Bond film.

Such suffering in . Millions face starvation. A priest watches his congregation run out of food. "Even if I survive, am I going to preach to a vacuum if all humans perish?” Enough is enough—humanitarian access & cease-fire desperately needed.

Calgary coffee shop Purple Perk has had its food handling permit suspended, after it continued to serve customers indoors without asking for proof of vaccination.

I love good food and I love to eat in nice restaurants. I love Japanese food. I love Gordon Ramsay in London he is pretty amazing.. $ﺧٕٓصٍٓم$ سِـيِّفُـيِّ LOVE90 ♕•ﻜٕوِدٓ•♕

A $6 billion federal program created to provide fresh produce to families affected by the pandemic was mismanaged and used by the Trump administration for political gain, a new congressional report has found.

Leaving aside the rest of the craziness, the bitcoin thing gets me. So we're going to descend into Mad Maxish chaos, living off stored food and defending ourselves with personal guns — and also have ready access to the internet?

I believe there is a better path ahead for the world if we understand the power of food. This award is not just for me,it is shared with the people of who feed the hungry and uplift communities through the power of food. Thank you

Listen. Anyone who draws Spamton with sock garters... I see you and I love you. Thank you for the food

There’s this lady on TikTok who refers to her 10 year old son as an inmate and because he is having behavioral issues (he’s 10, what 10 year old doesn’t) she throws away food he likes, makes him sleep with his mattress on the floor, and is emotionally abusive towards him.

Mick checking out street food in Bogota

The wealth of billionaires has grown astronomically throughout the pandemic, while working families have struggled to keep food on the table. It’s time to tax the rich and invest in people.

No shelter pet should go hungry, especially not when pet stores nationwide are throwing away surplus food. Proud to introduce the to provide liability waivers to donating pet suppliers. It’s a win-win—we'll reduce food waste and support animal shelters in need.

Between Oct. 7 and 13, only 1% of the 5.2 million people in need of food aid in Ethiopia’s Tigray region received it, according to the U.N.

Focus on reducing inflammation in your body. Eat whole and raw foods, find peace in your mind, ground with the earth.