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Jessica William

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Now you understand how unique listeners is important for a song to chart higher! We as fandom doing amazing with 1.6M streams, but it's not enough to make us charting bcs our ULs is so damn low

chan listening to youngk's Guard You on chan's room today! he also said that stray kids always compliments youngk about how amazing he is

🐺: That was Baek A Yeon sunbaenim's 0%. The last time we promoted at the same time was her was during "God's Menu," but we were lucky enough to promote with her again this time. Her voice is so amazing.

Time flew by too fast! Can you believe that TREASURE's first cb was release exactly a year ago? This song is AMAZING and we are so proud of TEASURE! 📽️ 1 LOVE YOU TREASURE

wei's second time on immortal songs and they won the first round AGAIN!!! so proud of them, this performance was amazing ❤️

It’s amazing how a person who you’ve never met or talked to, a total stranger can mean the world to you !!! Thank you for being who you are and making us feel one amongst you. HBD KARANVIR SHARMA

🐺: Stray Kids always talks about how amazing Young K is.

Never hate those people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy, because they are the ones who think you are amazing.

210918 사운드웨이브 영통팬싸 원호 Wonho Soundwave Video Fansign Call My voice was too loud so I took it out VS game with what Wonho wants to hear from Wenees Handsome VS cute ✅Amazing VS talented ✅ We are proud ✅ VS we will support Ang VS heart (BOTH)

Virat Kohli's Contribution to the Indian Cricket is Unbelievable - As a Batsman he's Amazing, As Captain he changed Indian cricket in terms fitness, Fast Bowling, Win Matches in all over the World. &Hope he continues to give us Incredible & Amazing moments.

When did this trend started? That's amazing too see again and again in Twitter trendlist <3 STELLAR CHEMISTRY STEBINA

D- Dazzling I- Iconical V- Versatile Y- Young A- Amazing DESERVING WINNER DIVYA

Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday !!🥳🥳❤️❤️ You are just amazing!!.. Baki ka msg edit me hai..😅❤️ HBD KARANVIR SHARMA

KING FOR A REASON 👑❤ We will celebrate your every project announcements and releases. A talented, amazing human like you deserves all the love in the world. ❤✨

Happy Birthday KV May Your Special Day b Amazing, Wonderful And Unforgettable Just Like You May Happiness & Love Surround You, Not Only on Your Special Day But Always Keep Smiling, Keep Shining Lot's Of Love And Respect ❤️ HBD KARANVIR SHARMA

Younghoon's message for deobis; 🍞 Hello Deobi! Thank you so much for always making an amazing new memories with us all this time. Since you give us so much happiness, we will work hard to make you more happier. Deobi, I love you so much. +

You are such an amazing Soul!! Divya is rightly placed in your family! DESERVING WINNER DIVYA

The Xinjiang guy’s dance is amazing

Divya what an outstanding game you’ve played in BBOTT. *applauds* There was/is no one like you in the house. The housemates even realised how strong you’ve been and how amazing you’ve played throughout. Girrrl, you took our heart away! <3 DESERVING WINNER DIVYA

May your smile be bright just like the day shines everyday...🎂🎊🎉 May your special day is the beginning of an amazing year ahead...🎊🎉❤💞 Lots of love...💞💞 HBD KARANVIR SHARMA