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210921 🦋 sent a video! "kyaaa" "Rest well and eat lots of delicious food today too!!!" "🐥❤️"

Ning’s 💭 “I rested well and ate a lot of delicious food today too!!!” “🐥❤️”

210921 sehun instagram live 🤍 sehun: (i hope) you spend your chuseok (korean thanksgiving) well, everyone~ do eat a lot of delicious food and have an enjoyable/great time~ bye~ 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 bba bba~ (‘bye’ in cute way)~

just jongin sharing pictures of his food 🥢

[210921] Weverse “My grandma’s food is the most delicious food in the entire world. I love you grandma ❤️”

seeing jaehyun enjoy his food is everything!!

Would any MPs who support taking back the £20 per week uplift payment to the poorest like to push to get the £25 per day food allowance for MPs taken back too?

Me, when I don't want to share my food with my brother or my lil sister : Patrick Vlog3 PaiPai MoonFest

"Eight months after Brexit and they can't put food on their shelves"

There is no justifiable reason why any man, woman or child on this planet should ever have to endure a single day without access to nutritious food,clean water,adequate shelter,healthcare,education and safety.

[] 210921 12:10 PM KST 🌱 ~ Have a great Chuseokk Eat a lot of delicious food, rest a lot, and laugh a lottt

Organic food is preventing corona ability

I can’t get a school blazer for son, no black school trousers, shortage of suits for a baptism this w/end, no garden waste collection, today a local school warns hot food may be off menu bc delivery difficulties. No HGV drivers, UK produce not picked and rotting: Broken

this is not on loop, it's literally sehun chewing his food while reading comments 🥺🥺🥺🥺

Monday - No Food Tuesday - 12-3pm Wednesday - 12-3pm Thursday - No Food Friday - 12-6pm Saturday - 12-6pm Sunday - 12-4pm Book in advance or Walk in 🍽🍷🍺☕

Afghan Taliban tearing off Pakistani Flag from food-trucks sent by Pakistan. Pakistan has recently sent 17 truckloads of food aid to .

finally my photoshoot during the interview with WEVERSE magazine has been released. the interview includes my activies, foods, our comeback, choreo, and etc. recently i practiced singing really loudly by myself while watching some vocal technique videos on youtube

210921 Sehun Instagram Live Sehun was eating a dish with rice & he said it’s not kimchi that he’s eating but chicken breast~ Sehun: Do spend Chuseok well, everyone~ Eat lots of delicious food and have a happy/great time~👋🏼 Bye~ Bba bba~ Thank you for going Live on Chuseok 🥺🧡

taeyong never forgets to take care of the staffs beside his members giving them prizes, telling them to go eat if they haven't, feeding them foods or buying foods for them as well he's the most precious person in the world 🥺