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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Raphael met Michaela's gaze. "If you could kill every single beautiful woman in the world, would you?"Her smile never faded. "In an instant. +💡💡+ كَِٕؤَِدٍَٔ+!خَُٕـصَُٕمٍَ؟+نُٓٓمََٕٖشٰٰٓيْْٰTT +💡💡+

You smile upon your friend to-day,To-day his ills are over;You hearken to+ What am I searching fo= Michael nodded tersely, eyeing a table a+ كَٕؤدٓ KC35 /🎗️؟؟؟كَٕؤدٓ AC687 خَٕٔصَمُ+ نَٕٓمٓشَٓيٌ!!؟ /🎗️

louis imitating harry and his smile in the end shutup im not ok

the only smile that we get from ziyin from today episode🥺 please be well baobei

"They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore." -Neil Gaiman, The Sandman

mingi’s shiny eyes here and his smile T^T feels like i’m looking at an angel he’s so 💔💔

look at chris smile while singing in korean 😭

There are hundreds of languages around the world,But a smile speaks them all.

you are the cutest thing I love you so much and I would d!e for you and keep you safe and give you lots of hugs and lots of kisses and I’d make sure you were always happy and make you smile and laugh and I would d!e for you

— your smile always lightens up my world.

i will be sleeping tonight with a smile on mah face, goodnight love i wuv u ♡

Can I get 500 likes for amazing smile హ నవ్వు చూస్తే చాలు ☺️

If I am with Ai-senpai, I know we will create something wondrous! It is sure to bring a smile to everyone who attends. I am waiting with bated breath.

Turn your miles into smile 😃. Enjoy dolphins 🐬watching next to the boat even swimming closers with them. take mnemba snorkeling tour it costs a small amount of $ 💰...

Yoseob just nodding with smile the time YHY talked about Jiyoon’s hair style when 4Minute promoted Hot Issue 🥰

katie’s tongue smile 🥺

the most beautiful smile in the world