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Commission for ! It seems like yet another diner's famous food challenge has been conquered by Hiro's gut~

While it felt sudden, imo it made perfect sense that it was the sm bowel transplant study that JW chose to leave Yulje for a year - after all, he's the happiest when seeing others enjoy food, and it must bring him so much joy to see his lil patients being able to eat like his GU.

The food truck is from sowon's fansite 🀩

when you think you have nothing left.. you still have God, the moon, sunsets/ sunrise, your favourite music, paper to write on, your comfort food, fresh& new starts and your adorable self; small things matters a lot.

Now this is a beautiful Road on Yari Road and people come here for walk , they bring there dogs and youth have some fun and chat time , but some assholes who don't care about Law and cleanliness throw the packet of foods and beer and alcohol bottles here. note this.thanks

This tavern is great... The mead, the food, the atmosphere... The goblin tavern keep that calls me Sugar. Yup this is what I spent all day making. I wish I didn't skimp out on the extra feet asset, but I got work tomorrow and didn't have the time. G'nite everyone! <3

πŸ”₯Are you Craving for the best Sea foodsπŸ”₯πŸ¦€ CRAB MEAT & SHELL'SπŸ¦ͺ🐌🐑 HALF SHELL'S SCALLOPS πŸ«• SCALLOPS SHELLS ONπŸ¦€ New STOCKS IS NOW AVAILABLE πŸ πŸ¦€Red Crabmeat @β‚±280/klπŸ¦€πŸ¦€ White Crabmeat @β‚±350/kilo πŸ¦€πŸš Scallops Shell's on @β‚±70/kilo🐚🐚πŸ¦ͺ HALF Shell's Scallops

One time I was at a whole foods with my friend and she said something about purple gin & I laughed & said a different image comes to mind for ARMY then later I sent her this 🀣

Me joining online class vs me taking my delivery food

Pls im about to stan these two. This is so wholesome like mixx was sulking because earth said that to him and earth trying so hard to coax him by giving him foods prolly it's hurt seeing mixx only eat fruits while others eat delicious foods ugh xleh ah aqo cunyik

Neo: Pond, which one do you like? Pond: I like this one *points* Mix: You like the pork (dish) or the person who cooks it? *Phuwin cooked the majority of the food (P'Tay cooked scramble eggs)

The famine in The Tigray resulted from the Tigray wer the started in November 2020 leading to death and starvation As of May 2021 there are 5,5 million people facing acute food insecurity and over 350,000 people experiencing catastrophic famine conditions

Day 149 Yeayyy weekend sayang πŸ₯° i'm still working but it's okay bc i already got my vitamin from you hehe. Enjoy this day eat lots of delicious foods babe i love u ❀️

Recap Brought to you by M&M Foods in Langford.

210917 [yubi_190 IG] Minho Yumi's Cells co-starred Lee Yubi (plays Ruby) shared her pictures from the drama. Spotted her with Minho's churros cup, the food truck support send from Taemin for Minho back in last May.

The worst vice of the solitary is the worship of his food. Rafathar