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💛: whoa… won’t the food taste like bug spray? 🐿: we have decided to leave the scene of the incident as it is until the protocol team comes in tomorrow

My explore page on Instagram is full of food puppies and make up.. Bc I keep up with what I LIKE

Getting to that cooler season~, looks like its time for more of my favorite type of food; Vietnamese noodles~ 😤🍜

👤: gasp… then wouldn’t the food taste like the bug spray? 🐿: before the protocol team reached the scene, i decided that i would leave it that way weverse comment

NYC anti-vaxxers storm food court in protest of indoor mandate

Proud of how far Liquorose has come. As the game is coming to an end she needs all the enjoyment with food, Pepsi and Aquafina water. Such a finalist material.

This is not a fictional story! At Arbaeen, you can see all religious groups from different racial and ethnic backgrounds giving free food and drinks to each other. Some want to invite some others to their houses.

🍑 our eunbi unnie, who often send a lot of korean foods 😀ㅎㅎㅎ im always thankful and happy birthday~ 💞🥺💕

*Some people* I need petrol more than everyone else I need food more than everyone else I need toilet paper more than everyone else *NHS staff* I need to care for that stranger even if they couldn’t care less about me

The Arbaeen festival is unique in many ways but what makes it so special is the nature of human interaction it showcases In a 80 km stretch, in every few meters there are people who offer you food and drinks and resting places for free with smiles on their faces!

this scene is so heartwarming 🥺 everyone comes and gives dusik foods and snacks for memorial service, he's not alone. he has a big family. hong dusik is loved by many 🥺🤍

Everything is free in Arbaeen walk... Many camps are voluntarily prepared on this way by people who provide free food and accommodations for the respected pilgrims of Hussain’s shrine.

What's weird is you get called a radical just for pointing out reality. People are homeless while millions of homes are empty. People are hungry while tons of food is thrown out. People can't pay for healthcare while trillions of dollars sit offshore. These are simply facts.

Bread thieves! have arrested two teenage boy for stealing bread from a bakery. One of them told a local journalist, "my family did not eat in past 3 days, i am sorry if i took that bread without permission, but i had to. There is no job & no food, what would i've done?"

The relationship of human beings in the Arbaeen march; It is not money. Love for Hussein devalues money. You are served a variety of foods but without a monetary relationship!

7 Stoic DON’Ts: 1. Don’t be overheard complaining...even to yourself 2. Don’t talk more than you listen 3. Don’t tie your identity to things you own 4. Don’t compare yourself to others 5. Don’t suffer imagined troubles 6. Don't judge others 7. Don’t overindulge in food or drink

Arbaeen is full of those who provide water,food,service,& even fixing devices for free & greatly enjoy it. For booking in Karbala,you don't need to spend money on hotels since its people value hosting you for you are the pilgrim of Imam Hussain ❤❤❤

Healthy and tasty food is given toh 5000 people everyday in Gautam Gambhir Jan rasoi....🇮🇳

Dozens of Anti-mandate activists have entered a vaccinated only food court in Staten Island chanting "USA USA"