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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Today is bday! I wish you all the best things this world has to offer❤️ May our journey always be filled with lots of laughter, great food, beautiful vacations and endless conversations into the night. So glad the forces of the world brought us together, I love u!

P'Tae had to wake up to feed the cats in the morning because their daddies🌏🐱 woke up late. The cats came to her room to ask her to go down stair (and give them food)

How is this *not* the Chinese social credit system? “Johnson is to launch a government-backed rewards programme for..healthier food & exercising..organised events or walking to school will also accumulate extra "points" in a new app” Are you worried yet?

TOH SPOILERS// - - - - we finally have a name for the food fan fic writer! this is a katya appreciation post!

really hate the logic of giving homeless people food bc they might use the money for something else. literally u would never give someone money as a gift and then tell them what to do with it, so why do it to a homeless person?

Sorry for no draws, had a fever. Have a sketch tho! Favourite foods <3

Err - when did the Eton Mess tell us that delivering Brexit meant NOT delivering our food to the supermarket?

// irl food maccy cheese

The refugees sheltering in the compound of Takhuntine monastery, Bhamo tsp, Kachin state urgently need food supplies as they are now jobless in the third wave of COVID. FREE OUR PRISONERS

Grateful for friends with food trucks.

Check out Views Bar ATL and Follow iLove Food ATL on tiktok for tasty content – at Views Bar And Grill Atlanta

Morning kittens✨I'm heading out for brunch with my friends today! Feels a bit weird to say that, I'm still trying to get used to dining in a restaurant again🥺Please, do tell me what your favourite brunch foods/drinks are!

Zerowaste refill hub supporting the opening of LA Foods new Nisa store in Belsize Park London today

I shall consume some food and then we're gonna play some nostalgic animal crossing: let's go to the city! I wanted to play pokemon but my Wii to hdmi converter arrived and animal crossing is comfy! Hope to see you there

Most simple foods are the best...

we have obtained food

210724 Food truck for Kimwooseok & Bulgasal team 16.28 I can't drink coffee, but I ate other things well!! 21.47. You did well today

For our second key note Sam Nugen will talk about his research and perspectives on phage biosensors for food and environmental analysis