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Jessica William

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You don't look very happy."Tally tried to smile. David had shared his biggest secret with her; she should tell him hers. But she wasn't brave enough to say the . <oكّٕوٍُدًًَٓ) (_>🎗️🎗️🎗️ >oخًٍََٕصٓــمٌٓ) >oنمشي) :AC685:

has sweetest smile 🥺

everytime jaehyun & yuta meet each others' eyes, they just smile at each other knowingly

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I don't know why something pricked my heart after seeing this picture! I mean, just look at him yaar! Kaha se lagta hai that he is physically not there with us! He is such a beautiful man! That smile of his & his eyes speak volumes for how happy he was! Why God! Why?! 💔

Here's your daily dose of Sunwoo's smile

his smile is so contagious, i cant stop smiling wtf -🌿

--> new figure alert! ✨ the painted prototype for the 5th anniversary miku symphony scale figure has been revealed!! pre-orders are available now at the good smile online shop!

Seokjin's bright smile ~ a delightful thread

it's insane how jaehyun can look cute and handsome at the same time. his smile always makes him look so soft and endearing

his smile is so lovely 😁

casting xiao zhan as wei wuxian? best decision ever me thinks, just look at that smile

You know where she got her million dollar smile 💛✨

looked up "serotonin" on the dictionary and it said Seongwu he's literally the cutest person alive.. his smile >>> so beautiful ⋆⁺₊⋆✩₊ ⁺ ❥

his smile 😩😩😩 i love happy toil 🥺


I Need Your Smile 😞💓💞💞💕

I will go to the extent of selling my soul just to protect your smile.