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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

For my sweet girl Angel❤️

- hot girl coach and bts selca ( butter crew ) - bangtan gave Megan koya - 4 bts live an ot7 live ( deleted ) - coldplay and bangtan my universe teaser yeah life goes if you missed it 😭

“It’s been four years since me and the others were coded into existence!”

“The world came together to help these girls.” After an anxious wait in Afghanistan, the girls national soccer team has found asylum in Portugal.

Tia sure talks about vaginas a lot for being a girl from Weiner

RT if you're not a 15 year old girl

it's thee hot girl coach and bts

the film crew being forced to get b-roll footage of the storm

Arch Angels, please don't let this girl down Believe me when I say you stand a chance. The task ahead of you is not impossible at allllll Vote Vote Vote and if you finish your numbers, come and drop money make we use am buy

society changed when taeyeon said “we could be the ideal types of both guys and girls” and here comes yuri agreeing so fast in her life

What do the girls know that we don’t? Why hasn’t anyone gone for Ivan?

need that girl who sang pov in that promo clip to pick ariana like she just HAS TO!

Tryna figure out how Yaya a mom to this girl while lookin like her sister.

For those who don’t know: James Corden is no longer our Papa Mochi after using the boys for clout and actively making fun of the fanbase— demoting it from a beautiful, diverse community into a bunch of “15 year old girls”.

nicki minaj stayc girls it’s going down

I still can’t get over how cute I felt in this outfit!!

Not him trying to say BTS had no place there and shrink them into, “just some silly boy band with 15 yr old girls as fans”. BTS spoke about important issues and delivered a meaningful message in their UN speech... this statement was so uneccessary.

Didn’t know y’all had men on the girls soccer team. You go bud!!!!

Daniel Craig says he shows more skin than the Bond girls in . Craig stated he's "more naked than the women," and added "I've designed it that way."