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Jessica William

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i hope he find his Gongjin, his Gamri, and the whole Gongjin people. i hope people keep on knocking his door, to talk to him, bring him food, ask for help. keeping him alive. till one day he's finally back on his feet. and i hope us too, find our Gongjin.

Bavette Steak: with lyonnaise potatoes, creamed leeks and chimichurri.

Wasting 1 hour in traffic just to go to office where you sit in your cubicle or room & stare at your PC until it’s lunch where you go for some greasy food then return to screen until it’s 5 and spend another hour going home, too tired to do much but sleep. Yeah, that makes sense.

no way jeno actually dropped food on jaemin's head..😭

birthday celebration food supply

Crazy:B order Rinne : don't contact ur brother Niki : don't eat food based on flour HiMERU : don't wear make up Kohaku : don't kill anyone THE KOHAKU ORDER 🤣

I know it’s tempting, but please do not feed bread to heavy goods vehicles, it fills their stomachs and prevents them from foraging for foods they would naturally eat x

🎉TETE BREAD GA🎉 -Dahil uuwi na Tete bread ☺️✨1 winner only! ✨Winner can choose cash/SCO/food cravings *Follow me *Like& Retweet *Reply your choice ☺️💜🖤

Appropriate Foods for Samhain aka Halloween....10/21/21

Is this the best moment in Kingmaker? Right after the Marcoses were kicked out, some people who rioted in Malacañang raided the Marcoses' refrigerator and said of the food there, "This has been stolen from the Filipino people!"

Part of The Great Reset is to make beef a luxury food rather than a common commodity

Changmin when he has foods between his lips •3•

Just hyunjae cutely munching his food 🐻🤍

i really love it when she talks about things she loves the most and in this case, foods 🤓

In the last 3 years, prices of every commodity used by common Pakistani has increased manifold. From medicines, to food items, to fuel and, to electricity, has left nothing in the reach of common Pakistanis

I Dey want come shoot Prrr on leg campus today.. Who go host me? I will buy you food😂😂😂😂😂

WIN ERA FOR 4TH QUARTER OF 2021 - WinMin Series (filmed 3 scenes) - Kazz Mag Special Show - Lazada 11.11 presenter - Presenter Hercules dog food - Brand Ambassador Simplus calling all sbps & his fans!! let's do this!!! time to rule internet for Win

“Bio engineered food ingredients” in Progresso soup 8 lines from bottom 😳

The PM was informed that the founder of Saylani Welfare Trust, Maulana Bashir Farooqi had been contacted and had subsequently spoken to his workers about improving food quality.

Grace's igs abt his dad's food(by chef phor) vs. gulf's ids abt his mom's food(yum yum by mom) istg these two are identical

At the inauguration, the premier emphasised that the quality of the food should never be compromised.