Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Becoming magical girl 🤫

'21st Century Girl' Audio has surpassed 10M streams on YouTube music 🔗 ()

No Q&A with the couple, but when Harry & Meghan were asked how their new baby girl Lillibet and son Archie are doing, Meghan responded “they’re so good”

Indian police arrest 26 for suspected gang-rape of 15-year-old girl

Are you like me who just can’t sleep tonight? Because I keep on wondering — what does it mean when a girl says, she doesn’t trust herself enough to love someone? Does it mean that...? If only Donny could explain this to me. 🙈🙊✨ DonKiss Family ✨ |

A beautiful girl 💕

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

Little girl cries~~~i want to eat honey.

the prettiest girl.

Hot girls in action hack slash games can continue to dominate. 😳

Alhamdoulilah god bless us with a baby girl ❤️

Day 23 (sorry i’m late) Someone in movie is bisexual: Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Just a reminder in case you haven’t been paying attention

See my baby girl 🥰 One of her kind, of all the love and hype she is getting.

I'm tired of sleeping alone,😥. Who needs my number?🤒

Girls: ignore her, she's our opponent Meanwhile boys :

: our girl boss shanaya is here

everybody wish the amazing an extremely happy birthday!!! GP as a whole & my life wouldn't be the same without her. thanks for dressing up with me over the years 🥺💕 i love you so much! got any favorite bells pics or gifs? share them!

fodase girls planet

Ivy in Catwoman (2018) #35