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Jessica William

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Scottie Barnes favourite food is what???????

1 thing ab babi is she luv 2 snack on yummy foods 🍰🍥🥢

Wasting 1 hour in traffic just to go to office where you sit in your cubicle or room & stare at your PC until it’s lunch where you go for some greasy food then return to screen until it’s 5 and spend another hour going home, too tired to do much but sleep. Yeah, that makes sense.

Going on a date doesn’t really have to be about going to an expensive restaurant I thought the main purpose of “a date” is getting to know each other more. FOOD shouldn’t be a priority 😕


members' condition/activity report from zuho: 🌰 had food together 🐣 in bed 😇 in bed; playing game 🐭 filming 🌞 just met at the company 👅 they called and said based from his voice, he's okay 🍀 in bed i didn't get what he said about 🔝 but i think he's okay 🥺

Bo gogo checking my food 😋 if it's ready 😋

Is this the best moment in Kingmaker? Right after the Marcoses were kicked out, some people who rioted in Malacañang raided the Marcoses' refrigerator and said of the food there, "This has been stolen from the Filipino people!"

you can really see it was iKON first time to send food truck for their maknae, when others just sending a food truck for their members they'll just put their member picture. in another side, iKON puts their group photo and their WHY WHY WHY mv. low-key promoting their song. 😭😭

[Trans] Who is he? Join the fun guessing the presenter with Hercules. Who will be active with you and the dogs? Hint: Actor from the famous agency in Asoke. Guess the fun and win prizes. Canned Hercules Dog Food, 9 recipes, 1 can each. Join at Herculesdogfood FB

Trans) Food truck vendor talked about Chanwoo on their lastest instagram update💚 “As a person who’s been a long time in this field, he surely a person who knows how to thank his fan. A person who still keep his motivation”

Still no ambulance for my 86 year old grandad. He’s been on the floor now for 21 hours. No food, drink, or his meds. THIS is our governments fault. Underfunding, staff shortages, mishandling of the pandemic, you name it, they’ve messed up on it. 1/

Amalapuram Bday Plans • 10:30 - Cake Cutting • 11:15 - Teaser Celebration • 12:30 - Food Distribution

Changmin when he has foods between his lips •3•

CJ Group owns: MNet TvN (YouQuiz, Amazing Sat) Studio Dragon (Crash Landing on You, Sweet Home, Hometown Cha Cha Cha) CJ Films (Parasite) TVing (a streaming service) Olive Young (#1 health and beauty retailer) CJ CGV (cinemas) CJ CheilJedang (food and pharmaceuticals)

Food distribution to the needy people in Atmakur, Kurnool Dt Team ❤️

Animal agriculture produces 57% of all food emissions but the UK govt won't even suggest 'learn a recipe' or go with *some* tasty vegan meals in hospitals. Most countries haven't even produced & hidden a report like this. Who's leading?

pspsps Ena fans here's your food

Celebrating 1000days with MewGulf we are sending food support to orphanage. Thank you for always inspire us to do good☀️🌻💖

Blend and get ready to mix and drink juice. Get yourself the 4in1 Sayona Food processor from at only 185,000