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Jessica William

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Nine years ago today, Sherman Hemsley died at the age of 74. I'm a TV junkie and love hundreds of shows. The Jeffersons is my all-time favorite.

if this is not an i love you face then i don’t know what is.

Enjoying summer with the love of my life

Please for the love of god let us extend this man

Pat Benatar "Love Is A Battlefield"

How sweet is this Sid it's to get countless love . Ready to get countless loge across the world. Ur shershaah will ne shine like SHERSHAAH TRAILER TOMORROW

Q. What does your big bow mean? I was just so thankful, and it was so surreal . I thought armys are giving us love without wanting something back So we were so happy , but it is a hard situation now and I didn’t know how much happy armys are. +

i love you so much mylove

sweet night is a romantic song. you will comprehend it just by listening to it and especially how taehyung is a great lyricist. he is a talented person and i respect him so much. i love him.

Jab bhi sad ho in dono ki Iv dekho sach main inko dekh ke face pe smile aa jati hai ❤ We love you Devir ❤❤ Thanks for all the Iv you gave you guys are tried phir bhi fans ke liye itna karne ke liye ❤❤ SEE YOU SOON SAAKK

Know Allah by his names and attributes, each one will bring about admiration and love towards Allah.

Nabi needs to realize her worth n learn to self-love before having a new relationship. thats what i think the perfect closure for her n the boys

we accept the love we think we deserve, when in fact, you deserve so much more than that.

i love this outfit

i love that they went from "let's buy a building and call it the 7 seasons and all live there" to "let's found a village together" it's only a matter of time before they are petitioning for their own sovereign state.

Happy Happy birthday my love 😘 I love you so much. ❤️ pacupcake ka naman diyan! 😌😂 SARAH GERONIMO DAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH G

i love you Lauren<3 //obgg a tds q comentaram🤍

as always, thank you for all the joy and inspiration. praying you both always remain safe and healthy, and full of love and joy. we love you! happy monthsary and ion! VICEION 33rd MONTHSARY