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Jessica William

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Fan: Would you marry me even if I’m a girl? “I don’t think there would be any problem, since you also don’t mind me being a girl ☺️” Omg she’s so sweet 🥺

was anyone else offended by the benediction @ PO's innauguration yesterday?

Cai Bing, a popular Girls' Planet Contestant mentioned aespa as one of her favorite groups in KPOP.

In Sizzy girl also we TRUST!! 😂 REMEMBER THIS??

~~NEW COVER PREMIERE~~ I covered “The Baddest” with some of the Hololive ID girls! You can probably guess what part I covered… ;} The MV is seriously over the top amazing. Hope you all check out the premiere!! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Ahead of the series finale of 'Supergirl,' Melissa Benoist reflects on her six years journey as the Girl of Steel, whether she would ever suit up again, and what's in store for the future.

jeonghan: yeah there’s these two ghost girls haunting my house vernon: oh are they your roommates?

: On top of the world happy anniversary my best girls, i love u always <3

First post to final post on girls planet 999

"Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" 2016

happy 3rd debut anniversary to izone, my 12 best girls ❤️

girls don't want boyfriends they want shin ryujin from itzy

Are you ready girls with our bluepink dress as a Vihokratana's bridesmaid??!! 😭😭😭

happy 3rd debut anniversary to the most iconic girl group of all time, IZ*ONE

when the only straight thing about this whole mv was their hair now bring me back my monster girls 😩

211029 _rianess Instagram Reels update with Chungha "Bad Girl Challenge Cue!!"

Thank you for making her happiest girl in the world!!🥺❤️

That time when the staff surprised the girls on their 2nd debut anniversary before they shot the group scene for Panorama MV 🥺🥺

You are the strongest girl.