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Jessica William

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—the fact that they are nation’s girl group but they never forget to always appreciate and give something to their staffs

My girl has been saying she is a woman she has seen it all since Wednesday till today they better win this task

Hwasa your pixie dream girl 𖥸

B & W. I'm short😂

A 5 years girl asked her 7 years old brother "What is love?" ❤️ Brother replied: "I know you eat chocolate from my bag everyday but I still keep it there"

I think I'm into her... There will never ever be like this girl 🎶🎵 |

DONNY: "There will never be like this girl." BELLE: "Wala ng siguro, sigurado na ako." Our very Talented GEMS!🖤❤ |

girl im your candy

the kindest and the nicest group🥺🥺🥺 i stan the right girls❤

Waiting for the sun to come up. 3 should be hanging in the shape of a “J” this morning about to become a chrysalis. 3 not seen in the picture will be delivered to some kiddos tonight. On Saturday I have 20 to deliver for a children’s program.

Sahee a korean tv Actress with her friend reacted to Lovesick girls MV like weeks ago they reacted to Kill this love which they praise rosé acting.. they both praises all of them, but they just hooked with Rosé's presence, acting and her voice 😭🌸💜 블랙핑크 로제

10 shit Sheridan/TD losses then bring out a proper scout and boom 1st battle

GUYS I MET ‼️🤩😍 NOT ONE BUT THREE MEMBERS!! I ONLY SAW HARUTO but didn't saw the other two 😩😩😩 I was heading to YG cafe and bunch of girls were shouting so I ran and this is the only video I could take 😭😭😭

NATIONAL CHEESECAKE DAY on July 30th offers a slice of one of America’s favorite desserts. Order cheesecake with your fav topping. This smooth dessert hits the spot at the end of a meal. Its creamy, thick pudding-like character comes from the soft cheese as the main ingredient.

Bula friends and fellow 'Couches'. It's the Semis for us. I'm so proud of the girls!

What a brilliant game You are the Hero ❤️ of nation . Best wishes of nation are with you Golden girl PV Sindhu