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Jessica William

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sehun went to ‘tomorrow’ filming set to support chanyeol~! 🥺🧡 sehun: i worked out, sweated a lot, showered, and i was supposed to faint on the bed but i came here now~ chanyeol: that’s amazing. there’s nothing i can say, i was surprised~ sehun: i’m gonna sleep but i came here~

omg taehyung and chris interaction while listening to tae’s voice this is so amazing

Whilst I don’t want to give homophobes a platform, I need to share this damaging review. I wrote The Amazing Edie Eckhart to celebrate being different in all its beautiful forms. This is how we become a more accepting and respectful society. Please teach your children that.

TWO BESTEST AMAZING DUO AND ILY 💙🧡 210427 210927 help loey to pick came to support/ his outfit foe enl cheer chanyeol

to : “I’m here to cheer for you, i worked out, sweated a lot, showered, and i was supposed to faint on the bed but i came here, isn’t it amazing?” sehun came to the filming site of tomorrow to cheer his hyung chanyeol, the sweetest 😭

Amazing team performance and another massive win. Happy for to get her 50th WSL goal and also huge congrats to Jessie Fleming on scoring her first goal for this club. This is only the beginning 🤩💙

my amazing boys did so great tonight as always 💗

thank you for this amazing collaboration

Since I’ve known Louis Tomlinson, I’ve realised how amazing Adidas clothing can look

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Happy 2nd anniversary to CNS!! A lot of hard work was put into this project and its amazing to see how many things were conquered with it. Congrats and you guys are AMAZING! CNS BEST COLLABORATION

A VERY SOFT THREAD: pictures of Jiu and Yoohyeon that remind me of Alldaylong and their amazing bond:

Baby thankyou so much for giving us this amazing solo. We will be forever grateful for this. You're the best! We're so proud of you❤️

Your passion and diligence, the way you always push forward. The way you never stop trying to be better. You are amazing, Xiao Zhan.

aespa’s teasers are actually amazing wth

"seungmin for instance, even after dance practice or work early in the morning, i saw him go to take classes or practiced alone. and i think he's really amazing. it's good to see how hardworking he is."

finished Detention!! amazing amazing amazing biglove

Keeho and his amazing vocals; a thread

When Taehyung is being praised for his vocals/presence >>> Iris Stevenson: People feel something when you sing Lea Salonga: Even if he does only two lines in a song, it’s like those two lines matter so much Sumi Jo: He has such an amazing talent Chris Martin: That was perfect

*skz announcing their solo activities/schedule* hyunjin : talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before