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Jessica William

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Just donghae happily eating his food ㅠㅠ a baby 🐹🍽

yurina received her food truck !! so pretty T__T

ADHD diet starter pack (1/5)

With , you just for 5x faster grease cleaning.💪🔥🍽

Man develops 2-in-1 Pot. Which means you can use one pot to cook two different foods at the same time

The top 1% now has more wealth than the entire middle class combined. Billionaires have gotten 70% richer during a pandemic when food banks had record lines. In case you're wondering what it was like to live through the Gilded Age, we're in it, except more pronounced.

☀️Our first Food support to Bright and the team today🤗🙌 We've prepared Kam's Roast (甘牌燒味) with one Michelin Starred in Hong Kong style Roast Meat🤤🤩. Today we have prepared 3 signature dish: Whole suckling pig, whole roast duck & 2 boxes of Toro Char Siu

Food is best served hot 😋🥵

Pov: IOK finally responed to buddies who wants to send food trucks

when they said the last person to the main stage had to buy everyone food and haechan RANNNN meanwhile taeyong 😭

- Lady frowns at food dates with 15k budgeting.

I don’t think Lagos girls have real life problems, everyday food food food 🤦🏽‍♀️.

you are a strong man! take care and rest well, so you can eat lots of delicious food again🥺❤

with : that one episode of inside seventeen where vernon kept on stealing dokyeom’s food 😭😆

chanwoo in front of his food trucks:

Dates in Nigeria is the ghetto for guys sha Na you go pay uber, pay for the food, na you go dey try entertain am.. Even if she’s boring you gatts make am laugh Na you go still take pictures of am whey she go post for ig You’re just a means to an end 🤣

"Hello everyone! This is ! There are so many delicious things to eat in autumn, right? I also wanna go to Japan soon to eat delicious food until I'm full. I can't wait to meet you"

Food is the ingredient that binds us TOGETHER. We may be 1407 miles away, but we will always find ways to give you two, and the best there is. Food support with love. Susu na!💜

key to my heart, the beach and some good food.

8 ways to recover from stress 1. Exercise 2. Yoga 3. Relax 4. Get social 5. Shun junk foods 6. Take holiday breaks & travel 7. Improve your sleep quality 8. Take a break from social media

19.10.2021 food support for 💚 su su~ have fun at the fanmeet with p’bright , Mae godji, p’jennie and p’foei at the fanmeet na~ hope this simple treats & uni can give you lot of cheers 🥳✨thanks p’ for all of your help 🙏🏻💚

What is legal isn’t always just and what is just isn’t always legal It seems that we have a legal system (I hesitate to call it “justice”) that metes out swift punishment to the poor, with hefty fines and jail sentences for stealing food, Milo, and milk formula