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[210918] 🐰💭 “there are also people who work during the chuseok (thanksgiving) holidays.. oh my oh my” “although resting is the best, eat a lot of delicious food (too)” “our y/n💚 work less, earn more…”

🐈‍⬛: i think i was me, jungwon, and heeseung hyung. everyday we had the same food "hyung my cup ramyeon is here" "me too" 🐈: but still, you always pick up my call so it was fun ++

“dont go broke tryna prove that you arent. live within your means. if its not a food shelter health necessity, be smart about purchasing. you dont have to have everything and everything might not be for you. the expensive one isnt the only option.if you dont NEED it why complain”

bts ! have a safe flight . take care of your self . eat food , sleep well.

Why nowdays you always recommended food or drink that will be good for ur Yeojachingu? Mhm? 😂🤣

i will never get tired of crying over how food is lee know's love language

cw// food her hair 🥵

Why do we need private Halal certification body when India has a food safety authority ? These private bodies do not follow any of the government regulations, but stick to religious guidelines to issue certificates.

BBC correspondents trying to get through a report on the economy and food supply without saying the word Brexit.

🍵 Sponsored by the one and the only Izzah. Feeling blessed 😄. Life was mehh and sappy then whoom free foods. Terima kasih Izzah 😭😭

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI & many state bodies are entrusted to certify food safety and practices Why are Halal certifications being permitted?

“We have a shortage of food and medicine, so a volunteer went to Loikaw to get supplies," said a local. Read More -

What could be better than two of your favourite foods combined in one? Combining store bought 7-Eleven Mac & Cheese with the ramen of your choice, gives you just the creaminess and cheesiest dish that packs a spicy punch! pic creds: klook

Food companies like IRCTC, Zomato, and other companies have started putting labels that they cater to Halal certified food putting the jobs of Hindus at stake

Inmates at this Maine prison are growing their own food — with a garden that can produce over 100,000 pounds of vegetables each year. Advocates say it gives inmates access to healthier food and teaches them valuable skills.

Now the Halal certification is no longer limited to meats, but touches every sphere of our daily lives – from meats to packages foods, from housing projects to hospitals, from medicines to beauty products; even malls are not exempt !

The pointlessness of making everyone switch back to imperial aside, to pile such significant COST - money, staff and time - onto retailers and manufacturers, especially of food, to change their packaging, software etc. at a time they are already on their knees, is unconscionable.

Cumin is a spice made from the seeds of the Cuminum cyminum plant. Many dishes use cumin, especially foods from its native regions of the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia. Cumin lends its distinctive flavor to chili, tamales and various Indian curries.

Me in tha frozen foods department Tryna get my dick sucked by Older Women

Twist-N-Stack_edge With Twist N Snack, you can take different foods with you while keeping them fresh! They lock together, and can even lock with the Stacking Thermal set so you can separate hot foods from cold foods.