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Jessica William

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it's fucking painful to see what they do with such an amazing character

Kim Seon Ho. I am saddened not by your actions, but by how K fans will once again cancel an amazing actor and entertainer because of his personal life. We have to let these artists learn from their mistakes like real human beings without turning our back.

Wonho blue and wonho blue letter album was amazing 💙

4th-Anniversary Tour: Singapore When you try not to take a cliché travel photo but can't resist saying the classic quote: "Merlion, cheese~!" Kudos to Captain To for the amazing fanwork!

"Even if my reputation as Hokage is ruined, I'm still your father! And if it's for the sake of their child, A parent can call forth amazing power."

Amazing!🔥 2021 No. 43 Global Billboard Singles Chart Top 200👑 LISA is in TOP10!(October 23th) Aain,I cut LISA part and some amazing artists!!)(a little long but make you feel excited that LISA is here😭) No.7 MONEY-LISA No.27 LALISA-LISA No.153 HOW YOU LIKE THAT - BLACKPINK

Just a brilliant. A farmer-engineer who found a way to get rid of agricultural pests without using pesticides. via

Deeply saddened to hear of the passing of friend, Chris Ayres. Went to visit him in the hospital when I was in Houston for Matsuri in July & was reminded of his amazing spirit & determination. Much love & prayers to his family & friends. We’ll see you again in glory, dear Chris❤️

A Kinetic Sculpture in action

It is with deepest sadness we learn of the passing of Chris Ayers. He was an amazing person, an inspiration, and will be deeply missed. We ask you to please share your memories and to extend prayer to Chris’ family and his girlfriend. “Love and Laughter, Always.” -Chris

We’re getting more Flash and Black Lightning in and I’m so damn excited

It's difficult because you care. But you are amazing because you care.

Have an amazing day everyone

This photographer captures dogs as they're about to catch treats.. These captures are amazing. Dogs make life better. 💙💙. Adorable and funny. 😊📸 Credit - Vieler Photography

[ 1st win Anniversaryꍈ] 📊 WE:TH BUGS UPDATES 11 AM KST ◾️Daisy #13 It’s amazing! “Daisy” stays on top 20 after for 4 hours 🥳👏

Paris [ig live] 📽️: "It was absolutely amazing to hang with John & Camila. is sooo sweet, she's so thing she kept saying was — 'tell the story, tell the story, tell the story...'"

Okay so far Queens is very well written. Its not cringy or anything. The plots are amazing and catches your attention for every scene. I give it a 8/10 . Cant wait for the next episode and I hope Brianna divorces her cheating husband