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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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+3! Back on track! Thanks to the fans today for the amazing atmosphere 👊🏽🔵🔴


Dear We're so happy you're finally back on stage after so looooong. You were AMAZING last night, we really missed seeing you rockin on stage. We can't wait for the next show and see you again doing such amazing live performances. We love you 🤍

I don’t know how many more awesome things I can tweet about Scottie Scheffler. This is just amazing.

This is why representation matters. Imagine finding a person to teach you how to apply makeup without arms/hands. Imagine being the person that needs this. This a AMAZING.

Read Not so shoujo love story by on Webtoon ! Really cute + funny + amazing art !!💖

Yeah, I go sleep now, full appreciation/thank you post and the proper love and shout outs to come once I've had some sleep and can think straight from what an amazing experience this was with everyone ;w;

🔴Amazing how businesses can blame Variant and ignore the fact they implemented a Vax Mandate eliminating a significant % of their potential customers. 🤦‍♂️

this theqoo post about aespa's synk dive clip teasers is a hot topic with over 13,000 views and 400 comments so far! i find it amazing how all of aespa's teasers this era starting with the savage logo have been hot topics on theqoo 😳 their power 🔗

these photos are amazing

Ansu Fati hugging the Barcelona doctor after coming on and again after scoring is everything Barcelona is all about. Amazing.

I loved this amazing pic Erica posted when she was in Kolkata for her shoot of Kasauti 3 YEARS OF PRERNA SHARMA

i just hope this little person is having an amazing and beautiful day ✨

What an amazing half

Daienji in Meguro is a treasure trove of amazing sculptures!! 💕

Here we go! Fields Day!

i have just translated an old Chinese poem that went something like "the girls were so hot we partied all day we were racing horses and i shot two rabbits and i was the best archer and everyone said i was so cool and amazing and then we drank a lot of wine"

Let's talk abt crown relay dance and how revolutionary it was. Incorporating such complex moves in just a relay dance while having sm fun was acc amazing

Ngl will really miss Mashal. Kubra did so amazing as Mashal. Made sure we hated her but pitied her at the same time. I feel sad how her life had to end this way 😔