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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

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The iconic Gossip Girl intro turns 14 today. (September 19, 2007)


liquorose to Emmanuel:so who is winning head of house tomorrow me or you?Baby girl ain’t playing

14 years since gossip girl gave us blair waldorf <3

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The girl was like: "let me show y'all how it's done". ❤

Kim backstage with her Childhood friends a.k.a. “ The Gabana Girls📸❤️

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After tonight's eviction, I believe Maria's eviction was planned...They did that girl dirty, for reasons best known to them. Maria is still the content of this season. Very painful something 😡😩

Autumn wallpapers ✨🍂

for @666ryding from - a cute cat for a cute girl :P

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