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Jessica William

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hoping mingi always gets to smile this big ☹️

His precious smile just make our day blissful... HBD KARANVIR SHARMA

NOOOO look at jongho’s shy smile when his pic got chosen by wooyoung as his favorite photo from the album 😭

eyes and smile can't lie mr. earth pirapat watthanasetsiri 🥺

Sending you an infinite amount of love, joy, and happiness on your birthday! Always keep smile....;) HBD KARANVIR SHARMA

his parents liked the entire eternal album & said they were very proud of him 🥺 his smile huhu happy he got to hear compliments from his parents too 🤍

May Your Smile Remains lifelong Intact on That Beautiful Face of Urs . Love you OUR BBOTT WINNER SHAMITA

I'm so in loved with your smile My sunshine ILYSM

brought smile on face of inpatient Sobhita* by spending some time with her on video call. Sparsh Hospice Team expressed deep gratitude to him for beautiful gesture & bringing smiles. Name of patient changed to protect privacy.

Her smile means world to me DESERVING WINNER DIVYA

Dear Virat whenever I see you in the match on social media or anywhere I got smile on my face in any situation u r the reason of my smile, happiness bhaiya ❤🙆🏻‍♂️ how can I left you alone😒 it can't be possible We all Viratians with you❤ you forever ❤🙏

Saturday smiles with . 😁

Want him to lift the trophy and that smile to be brighter tonight The one who gave it all to the show deserves the most.

Aww that smile of our bdday boy ◉‿◉ Wish from HBD KARANVIR SHARMA

<210918 Hanbin Fancafe> Fan: "If my dad were still here, he would've helped to pray for me. Now I'm alone and always lonely. Can you cheer me up? I miss your smile. Your smile gives me strength for tomorrow." Hanbin: "If it's smile, i can give as much as you want."

Pratik's smile is priceless

May your smile be bright just like the day shines everyday...🎂🎊🎉 May your special day is the beginning of an amazing year ahead...🎊🎉❤💞 Lots of love...💞💞 HBD KARANVIR SHARMA