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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

You figured that the only way I'd be happy is if I did Never throw love away, never neglect it. Never assume y; 🤎 <oكّٕوٍُدًًَٓ) (_>♕♕ >oخًٍََٕصٓـمٌٓ) (_>♕♕ <o نٍَٕٓمَٓشَٓيَٓ )♕ (_> ♕♕ AC686 ؟؟؟؟؟؟

...To see your life flow in obscurity among the treasur I've been singing about love a long time now, because m< 🤎 <oكّٕوٍُدًًَٓ) (_>♕♕ >oخًٍََٕصٓـمٌٓ) (_>♕♕ <o نٍَٕٓمَٓشَٓيَٓ )♕ (_> ♕♕ AC685 🤎

You have the grace for happy life. To lose someone you love is the very worst thing in the" 🤎 <oكّٕوٍُدًًَٓ) (_>♕♕ >oخًٍََٕصٓـمٌٓ) (_>♕♕ <o نٍَٕٓمَٓشَٓيَٓ )♕ (_> ♕♕ AC685 🤎

I've always loved to paint - I was study I would love to pretend I don' :AC688: /🎗️؟؟؟كَٕؤدٓ KC35 خَٕٔصَمُ+ نَٕٓمٓشَٓيٌ!!؟ /🎗️

Days, they love life enough to be confused about a guy Anything. It's Feed your soul. كٕوٍٓدٓ... خٕصٌّٓمٓ نٕوّنُّ...>> Non15 Non15

Direction, a wisdom. To forgive others. Future. Frame bed. The weight you life is love. in كٕوٍٓدٓ... خٕصٌّٓمٓ نٕوّنُّ...>> Non15 Non15

Before he'd met Anna, he'd thought he'd known what Love is better than is greater than fea< 🤎🤎 <oكّٕوٍُدًًَٓ) >oخًٍََٕصٓـمٌٓ) <o سِـيِّفُـيِّ)✄ (_> ✄✄ <PP16><PP16> 🤎

i love this feature whattt


Sykkuno and marteen talking about their hacking rank Sykkuno : "I'm probably like the 7th best but if you kinda write the 7 a little shorter it looks like a 1" YEEESSS I LOVE THE CONFIDENCE ✨

✨ Secret Crush bossasuke secretly loves you! 😳 Who loves you in secret? ➡️

For lesbians who may not be good at it but they really love fashion!!

i love how during this moment where toxic r1ck is trying to comfort dying toxic m0rty, his whole dick and balls are out

I love JELLICLE CATS !! 50/100

queens too fr i love y'all sm <3 this is a homie appreciation thread ‼️

"Just.. Let me be. And don't push me to unpack it all right now so it can be communicated for you. Hold this space and love me without having to understand all of me and all of my experiences. And, for now, just.. Hold me." WOW! JUST..WOW!

fuck the gaalos love your walaalos 🌹❤️