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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Together Learn a responsible government. When ignorance is Meant we like topsoil in a dance of love. I´ve read the !!كٕوٓدٓ..🎗️ >خٕصٓمٓ.!! سَّيفًَيٖٓ 📢📢 CCC B2B

🍑: NCTzen, I love you, I love you


i love how much toby is using susie's insane sprite, like he just made it for chapter 2 and he's spamming it all the time it makes me wonder if he's gonna patch it into chapter 1

valentines! he really love his own voice

jaehyun chose to do aegyo with the phrase “i love you” and dedicated it to czennies 🥺

mark sticking the "i love you" sticker on jaehyun's chest

i giggle a bit i love him

our lovely boy, i hope you’re having an amazing day and remember deobis love you very much ❤️

I love my lan babies 🥺

Once again, thank you all 3,000+ of ya who have shown so much love and support through out the past couple years. ~^v^~

Love lemonade jaehyun so much 🥺

BRING THEM HOME They Served. Protected & Saved Lives They know NO Nationality They all have a story of BRAVERY, Love, LOSS They were FAILED

To the trollers and haters With love ♥️ P.S. If even after losing the man who certain people claimed to "love" nd therefore became "defensive" about can't change now, they're simply having their moment of 2 min fame just like the other people we're witnessing in the real world.

: I still love you always

Happy Anniversary to this So Junghwan's iconic I love you era

First time doing this just love the calmness of the surrounding....

I'm in love with this cookie

goodnight my loves 💕