Jessica William

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

My girls and their love for the skies.

“U will gotta be only one, I love This mellow drama. Without you there’s no audience that kind of mono drama”


🐹💬 “Have a good day” “And think about me a lot” “I love youu”

// deltarune chapter 2 spoilers HOLY SHIT I LOVE THENGAYS

The way he was so excited ❤️❤️ Rudraksh so in love Khurana! It's like every single time he see her he falls more in love with her🥺 RUSHA KA ROKA

God I really love this scene. He was pushing Lan Wangji away before but now he is reaching for him 😭

"Fake things cannot be real.. Real things cant be faked" Pure love cant be faked and that is KePat 😍♥️

Albums on Spotify — September 16 BE — 2,094,977,228 (+2,628,566) Map of the Soul: 7 — 3,319,477,188 (+3,137,197) Love Yourself: Answer — 4,552,352,330 (+3,579,157)

I love u so much , my tinatangi.♡

“ek family hai tu meri, sab kuch hi hai tu” a beautiful, indescribable bond. i love how the person stayed anonymous. while revealing the right amount of incidents & also safeguarding their privacy. you have my heart anonymous interview giver.

“but please be careful of getting the cold because there’s a big difference between day and night” *photo* “i’m going to go practice noww” “have a good day” “think of me a lottt” “i love youu”

Nobody loves me ಥ‿ಥ

do you just love it when haseul

don't you love when seokjin goes  ̄3 ̄

da jungwoo love squad aw

i always can't help but smile every time doyoung and johnny talking about how much they love 'promise you' it's just so endearing

SidNaaz was, is and will always be my favourite fairytale. The love, the respect, the care, the passion! Their souls belong to eo. Rohaani pyaar!❤️✨

Fun fact..there were netter songs on the album to be title tracks than stiker and sometimes its fine to say a song is bad. I love Nct with all my heart I swear. That was just not it