Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

we all gotta make our own mistakes. i now look at that book and feel so naive given all that i’ve learned in the last few years, the last few months. -+🎟️!كٍََٕؤٍَدٍَ!🎟️+- |!خَّٕصَِّٔمَِٰٕ نََُمًَٔشًِٓيٌٍَٓ!|NNN -+🎟️+-

i believe this is yoongi’s ultimate honey boy look 🍯🤍

look at them go!!

i literally cannot look at this without laughing

Oh would you look at that

Wherever my leader stands, millions of people look at my leader. This is the power of Islam 🌹صل اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلَّم 🌹

look at them, so cute 🐰🐺

Y’all come and look at this . 😂😂

she is going to look so regal in this shot


why does he look good when sweaty

Ralsei! Look at 'em!

Look & Listen everyone....!! He is our imaam now... And in his leadership by the grace of ALLAH Pak one day we'll prevail Islam all over the world IN SHA ALLAH...!!! Relase our Leader kanjroo

Opp boys can’t mad me feds can’t stand me just cause I look like my daddy

that's why rosé's look was kinda uncomfortable, the tight grip was so unecessary wth

After being out for almost a year, I definitely did not expect Ansu Fati to come on and look as sharp as he did today, let alone scoring. Don’t think I’ve celebrated this much over a goal in quite a while haha, incredibly happy for the guy! We truly move lads 🔥

Look! It's the most beautiful day of the season! Run over to the SU Soccer Stadium and help us take on Wake Forest!

And remember: every plot needs both plotters and folks who look the other way. US had both.

Just look at that smile. Then look at the frown.

Just look at that stare...ahhh!!! . . . Katil shukla!! 🔥