Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Military leadership is a journey, not a d. 🌺 كَوِدُ خُصْمِ نُمَشٍـيٰ EEE NNN VV1 🌺 And once we reach the city, my stylist will dictate my look for the ope."

Look who I found outside!

- express with your eyes if there is any gift will be released today for fuse? ⚡️: ??? 🍞: That ⚡️: Aaaaaah! ⚡️: 😏🙄🦈: He look disappointed 🦌: Why I'm the only one who don't know about it? 🐱: World ⚡️: YOU CAN'T SAY THAT close your mouth with this

hello?? look at them this is just so satisfying to watch pls

Skywatching tips for August.🤩 This month, look up to see a “blue moon"; the best-known meteor shower of the year, the Perseids; and the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn as they reach opposition. This is when they tend to look their biggest and brightest.

🔥 FIRST LOOK 🔥 Toby is in a pickle once again as he is having not second, not third, but fourth thoughts about the girl he wants to be with... But how will Chloe react? Plus, tensions rise even more between Kaz and Tyler as he struggles to make a decision... 😨

"Why aren't you wearing your Apple Watch?" 🐰:I forgot. Look, you can still see my tan line. I've gotten really tan. The nuna who does my makeup told me I got tanner, and people who haven't seen me in a while get surprised to see how tan I've gotten.

Look at it like this, if this was the Oscars, KD would win best actor, but the story of Giannis would win best film.   KD is the best basketball player, but Giannis‘ path to becoming a champion gives him the better legacy! Carry on…

It's great that the Thai government wants to tackle fake news. Here is an example of the army producing fake images. I look forward to the government investigating this and taking action.

Life's too short not dress fabulously! Bust out your best look and live it up, sweetie!

Look after Saad Hussain Rizvi according to law you zaleel

A first look at Josh and Joe in their new threads 👀

Look how the tables have turned


Me looking at myself in the mirror checking if I still look cute while I cry:

saying his mom played baby cat noises, but soonie thought it was a real cat so they roam and look around for it. but dori went to them and put his paw on soonie like he was trying to say, "i don't think it's real." he also said it was cute :(

TAke a look, ny'all :3 66d.png

How can a whole group look so hot just by wearing a tshirt and denim pants 🥵🔥 I mean this isn't the first time, but still!!!! They look so good 😳 SixTONES!!! *Flips the table*

look at some of these cute birthday cakes that knctzens bought for mark on his special day from some of the famous bakers in seoul 🥺💚

free my meow meow from stan twitter (look at the militaries saying we can't use meow meow) 😭