Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I’m a real lover girl and I don’t mind at all. But I’m not a stuck on one lover type of girl or one that feels like you only get one in a life time. I know that love come and goes. You love once, you love twice, you love again and again.

ma hot girl😭yazgım o kadar güzelsin ki ve o kadar özlemişim ki şöyle şarkılı storylerini hep at eridim bittim sana💖

Lisa becomes THE FIRST K-Pop soloist to have multiple top 10 entries on the Billboard Global 200 & Global 200 Excl US chart. She is the main girl and she is a legend.

cover girls

Oscar Isaac when asked who he’d like to do another space movie with: “I’d have to say my sweet girlfriend Pedro. My girl. That’s my baby.”

chaewon could be your favorite girl <3

'Lovesick Girls' DANCE PRACTICE VIDEO HITS 200 MILLION VIEWS BLINKs worldwide, thank you so much! 'Lovesick Girls' DANCE PRACTICE VIDEO 📽️

How white girls record nightlife vlogs 🕺🏾🎉😂

Okay girls.. we can do this. 🔥👀😎


George Soros with Justin Trudeau. What stocks are they discussing and where is my girl Nance?

these girls have grown so much 🥺

Please cherry bullet deserve more credit for this! Here are boras bits in the cover of ‘into a new world’ by SNSD. She’s so stable and her vocals are beautiful 🤩 Please vote for kim bora on girls planet 999 (gp999) and also go support cherry bullet ☺️🤌🏻

Yup. Sexualizing little girls is ok. But a comedy special. That's TOO MUCH.

being ONCE is a blessing to have these loving girls TWICE 🥰

The girls are not playing with her lmaoo

“For all the young black boys and girls, I am here” why this diverse is so important ❤️

Since they're trending... The Teenage Powerpuff Girls ALWAYS reminded me of Bratz Dolls.

kim minyoung of brave girls