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Jessica William

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Kick out the bottom of the food chain and lots of stuff collapses. Up one step is the pteropod, a core species suffering massive levels of “severe shell damage” from oceans acidified by fossil fuel emissions.

The business sectors Erica represents ✅ Energy ✅ Finance ✅ Real Estate ✅ Fashion & beauty ✅Food & beverages ✅ Technology/ communication MORE LOADING… Congratulations Erica ERICA NLEWEDIM

9 Years Ago Today…FOOD & LIQUOR 2 🙏🏾

they tasting foods 😩

Today's Black fem otd is Orange Blossom from Berry in the Big City! She runs an orange smoothie cart in her city's food square! (she/her)

whole foods store haul yassss

they said steve harrington nation here’s your food

i love drawing food. what should i do next?

For several months last year and now, free food grains have been provided to 800 million Indian citizens. This and several other efforts will give strength to the fight against poverty. - PM

Me trying to avoid cheese and all calories giving foods. Le Instagram:-😩😩

Working a Vegan Farmers market and always get my sushi… you can’t even tell it’s vegan 🙌☺️ I’m bot vegan, but can appreciate all the foods haha

🚨🚨GIVEAWAY ALERT🚨🚨 WIN A FAST FOOD FREN & AIRDROP COMING SUNDAY! How to enter: - Follow . - Tag 3 frens. - Retweet. Results will be posted on discord in 48 Hours. Discord:

fast food worker angel lance wip

making a list for foods to have during this maintenance-semi recovery phase so drop some especially for lunch !!!

#VictimsOfDoubleJeopardy#VictimsOfDoubleJeopardy 16000 sacked employees have No Food, No Water, NO Clothes and NO place to stay/live wotout Job/salaries, CJP sahib We All are seeking from yourself/Suprem Want JUSTICE

Liquorose are you going to finish that food?

A Freezer container for all of your freezing needs. Save space with the stackable design. And they also have stain guard, so no more discoloration from tomato based foods.

🔲💚🔲 FoodLover Wid HotSumona😊🔲💛🔲 Food With RedWine 🍷😋🍷😋

Roasted Carrots and Chickpeas With Herby Cashew Cream Carrots and chickpeas rise to stardom with the help of a bright, herb-spiked cashew cream and added crunch More on