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This morning, 2 Police Officers brought food and solidarity to our Beautiful Italian Port Workers, saying: "Keep it up guys, don't give up!" WE ARE ONE!!!

Hot Honey Ranch wings 😋

BREAKING: Congressional report reveals that the Trump admin severely mismanaged a $6 billion federal food program meant to help families struggling during the pandemic and exploited it for "political gain." Ivanka Trump was involved. RT IF YOU AGREE SHE MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

behind the scenes of chanwoo's food truck

"Moooom.. That guy is stealing my food.... "

New Jersey raised its minimum wage while neighboring Pennsylvania did not. Afterward, fast food restaurants grew employment 13% more in NJ than in PA. The study's authors won a Nobel Prize. Yet the junk economics of "don't raise the min wage" persists

- Women get so happy when you randomly buy them food 🥺❤️

This man has created a 2-in-1 pot. The pot can be used to cook two different foods at the same time to cut money spent on electricity bills.

Stores are running out of food, medical supplies, supply driving inflation but Psaki reduces real world problems down to the example of a treadmill for a chuckle. Hoo boy.

I saw that in Genova the Italian police actually came with food and words of encouragement to the protesters, contrary to what happened in Trieste yesterday. 🇮🇹👍

When we went on a date at Ayoba Cafe (Sunnyside Pretoria)and the couple sitting next to us had ordered food and a bottle of Hennessy. He stood up and went to their table and asked to be poured some Henny. The couple refused. Was so embarrassed 🥲

Bright is a forgetful boy, but he can memorize things when it's related to Win. Win's hashtag, Win's spare clothes, Win's phone number, Win's followers, Win's comment section, the food he ate with Win, Win's gym time, Win's fave food, Win's fanproject. Win wins.

This, from , is the same pernicious nonsense that was used to sell biodiesel, biogas and biomass to us. In all cases we were told they'd use waste material like old cooking oil, food waste and forestry trimmings. And in all cases it opened the door to disaster. Thread/

Me at the restaurant after she orders 15,500 naira food.

Vegan food isn’t nasty…you just don’t know how to season your food.

Remember Wall-E? The movie where unhealthy people looked at iPads all day, never got any sun, didn't exercise and ate processed food all day? haha crazy right...

Expired food or baby food?" "Baby food, francine eats cerelac and i was like woah - kyle | KyCine

To be honest vegan food ain't that bad once you've added meat & cheese to it 😉

Fast Food Center with Anna Poster..... Mass following....