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Jessica William

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☆.。.:* grocery list ↴ safe and low cal foods a thread ! ♡/↻ please!!

// food - - - - look at these weird ass grapes my mom bought

Tuna is very low in calories and fat, which makes it an almost pure-protein food. High in omega 3s - brain food. That’s why us fish freaks are also brilliant.

Food is medicine. I lifted a car after eating this.

not a single fleck of dandruff on his head… foods going unseasoned for today☹️👎

So, my partner and I are in a really bad situation with rent. On Oct 1st we're both getting evicted if we can't come up with $5700. Been totally starving ourselves to stay afloat, so we're setting the goal at $8K to cover bills and food. Anything helps.♥

Now that you have to order food from the app at the restaurant, it's funny to me how the servers almost always assume the cocktail is for me and not Mama.

IGS mompeemew “Good morning. Happy new morning everyone. I go to offer food to monks and make merit together. I miss everyone. Take care of your health” Morning chopper 😍

snack list (food yum

P.V.P Quality Foods

10 Most Popular Foods in Togo

hello. we using eco friendly material to craft label & packaging for local healthy food stay strong, good & humble 🤍🖤

Good evening and Ohayo Thank you to my friends at Sanko who got me all the goods for a Friday night of food and sports. Of course rice crackers and Pocari sweat.

azah walking into the jury house next week with food so they don’t jump her

I’ve been eating a breakfast at a swanky French restaurant. Morning beef stake made me get. Even if it heavily rains, I enjoy a nice food just before dental appointment.

At the Cake Decoration and Sugar Craft Exhibition by the Department of Food and Nutrition Education under the Faculty of Home Economics Education, University of Education, Winneba. It was on the theme “Acquisition of Sugar Craft Skills for Entrepreneurial Empowerment”.

Looks like someone loves the bonito flakes that I just bought. 👀🤣🥰 Gonna have to add a bit to her food every now and then.

If companies stop shipping foods be thankful crackhead Y, nevermore mind I eat and survive 😤😔 think of a way get hungry!

Food for thought!

Your food is your medicine.. stay away from unhealthy foods