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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Off the back of having interviewed 100+ comms professionals, and 20+ NHS comms professions, my team and I at have written a report. I haven't figured out how to compress the bastard pdf yet and I'm honestly so excited to share it! Who wants a free copy?

Always good to see our comms folk inspiring others - great interview 👏🏻

I recently chatted to about all things including the importance of having a lot of common sense, trusting your gut instincts and being able to “hold the mirror up” to senior leaders. Read my interview below 👇🏼 Thanks to for the opportunity!

If you know, you know.

Ogsoonoo inaan ku kujeclahay. And I love you more than my life. Ana Hibak yaa Habiibi. Nakupenda mimi saba.

We've interviewed the Head of Communications and Engagement at , Katherine shares her rigorous and comprehensive list of secrets for success in the field 💡 Read her 5 secrets to success when working in comms and more here:

Finnish karelian pies are my crack 😍

We live in a world of increasing anger & this is where is leads. Really powerful piece from our colleague Rachel - ‘People don’t see us as humans’ - NHS matron on abuse faced by staff via

I'm so delighted to have spoken to on my journey into (long live apprenticeships!), the importance of empathy and taking the time to have fun at work every day. Go and have a read! Huge thanks to for the opportunity!

We've interviewed this year's Regional Rising Star Award winner at 2021, , Corporate Communications Coordinator​ at ! Daisy speaks to us on experience over credentials and language challenges. Read the interview here:

Kramer vs Kramer totally bummed me out 😭 amazing film but my lord it was exactly not what I needed tonight haha

Some of our Helsinki team members are over in London! 🇬🇧 We’re all super excited to work together under the same roof this week ✨

“As communicators we have an important role to advise without fear or favour on how our leaders should  listen to their residents or customers..” Strategy, thinking and Gillian Anderson. My interview with

"Speaking truth to power, but in a way that shows you to be a friend and supporter of the business." 💡 We () has interviewed , Interim Director of Communications, on tactfully speaking truth to power Read the full interview here:

Can confirm, it is 10/10

I can't deal, this is going to be fantastic. ✨ Danny Richman () speaks to Rory Sutherland () about how behavioural science can be implemented into marketing for start-ups.

See mum, I do eat my fruit and veg

I wish drain unblocker brands would give a curly hair discount

How do I make nights in the new nights out because this evening was exactly what I needed