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We will share a project with you that related to payment solutions very soon. You will understand the importance of Holdex Wallet for De-Fi date with this project. Stay tuned, good news coming soon!

The main purpose of the Holdex wallet project is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible. You can find more detailed information about Holdex Wallet from the document section on our website. 🔗

Have we ever talked about Holdex wallet before ? Holdex Wallet protected by private network key; It is a decentralized wallet where you can easily store and control your funds. It doesn't store any personal information because it is decentralized.

As we promised! Staking time for Holdex has come! We are in exchange P2PB2B with high earning rates and two different options: 💫For 30 days 10% 💫For 90 days 20% earning rates Now it's HODL time for HOLDEX!

First episode of big surprise season has been released. Second and third episodes are coming soon! 📺 Episode (1/3) : CertiK Audit Report Episode (2/3) : X Listing Episode (3/3) : Partnership with X After these episodes finished, we will start new season. Keep watching Holdex!

Have you checked Audit report that CertiK made for Holdex? İt includes technically our projects all in detail. Announced to the enthusiasts 📢

In addition, in the voting which was made among the users, investers declared that they found Holdex more trustful by 97%. This score volume is higher than 80% of the projects in the top 100 Party is starting now! 😎

In the report the project was examined meticilously and its safety was registered. If you want to read in detail we leave the link below. 🔗

Audit report of Certik that we have been waiting for days, is now online. CertiK has prepared extensive report for Holdex, which has been producing extensive and Clear reports in the field of cyrpto finance for years, evaluating and scoring projects in the field of security.

So is it over? No, we're just getting started. There will be fresh news and new listings in October. Be Hurry to take your place in the financial system of the future. The rocket is about to take off! 🚀

Yesterday we announced the results of the our biggest Airdrop evet we have ever done in our history. A total of $12,500 worth of Holdex Tokens was sent to our lucky followers. Let's give the good news that a new AirDrop is coming very soon.

We provide 10% return for 30-day lock and 20% for 90-day trade. These rates may decrease in the future. For this reason, we think it is beneficial to get your tokens and lock them as soon as possible

With the partnership we made with p2pb2b, you will now be able to do your staking transactions with your tokens also one more Exchange will activate our staking session following days. we have set the gather rates very high to reward the first Holders who believe in Holdex.

Holdex Holders asking about when our Stake platform would be active to evaluate their tokens. We are published the good news on this issue yesterday.